Coiltek 6 DD X-Terra Digger

Coiltek 6 DD X-Terra Digger coil
  • Parameters

    • Manufacturer: Coiltek
    • Model: 6 DD X-Terra Digger
    • Coil type: DD
    • Coil shape: round
    • Size in inches: 6
    • Size in cm: 15


  • Metal Detectors

2 Responses to Coiltek 6 DD X-Terra Digger

  • I’d like to see a video of the 6inch 3khz digger coil, I’ve searched hi and low .I’m considering purchasing it.

  • I have been asking several groups about the use of the 6 inch 3khz coil for the minelab xterra 705, I would absolutely appreciate a video of the coil being used in the field. I’m considering purchasing one.

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