Can you believe these items were found on a beach?

Any treasure hunt resulting in discoveries is a hard work. The more you dig, the more you find. But… Apart from this principle, there is another, more important one: where you come to dig is what you dig up. Take a look at the photos of these finds. Can it really be true?

Judging from the fact that White’s awarded its metal detector to this guy, it is the White’s machine that distinguished itself through these discoveries. As to the finder, he is from Brazil.


Can you believe these items were found on a beach?

Can you believe these items were found on a beach?

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  • voces precisam pesquisar melhor .pra nao passar informacoes erradas . os achados do poste sao meus

  • pro’s can find those rings and in those numbers. Most professional beach hunters are secretive and don’t post pictures or videos of their finds. They really know how to read the beaches and locate the best hotels/and condos to search. They easily make $10,000 – $20,000 per month. I have talked to a number of them when researching a book on beach metal detecting.

  • Can you tell me the name of the beach and what country it is in shown in the beach photographs under the pictures of all the rings that have been found on the beaches. Thanks,Norm

  • yes the beaches in rio r crowded. did u notice many people in water. is there an adapter for grey gst ctx30/30 headphones to equinox. where can i get them. thks

    • This is a longshot but any chance you know of anyone finding a yellow gold oval amethyst ring around 2011. Would have been between golden sands and the surf?

  • How many years did he take to accumulate all those rings I wonder?

  • Since 1979 i have found over 180 gold rings on the beaches of Lake Erie. Many found without a detector just laying on the hard bottom slate. All these were found 30 – 40 miles south of BUffalo NY. ALso found a 1655 silver cob and many gold chains. Its out there this year because of the high plake water will be the best year ever for gold rings.

  • Happy hunting to all!

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