XP 2018

XP MI-4 pinpointer. NEW 2018 (price announced)

XP, the French manufacturer, have unexpectedly revealed their new product 2018 – an XP MI-4 pinpointer. And also, they have unveiled the pictures and features of the probe at once and announced the unit’s launch date and price. The XP MI-4 will obviously be inferior to the XP MI-6. But to what extent will it be worse and how cheap is it going to be? Would you like to know more? Here we go then! Continue reading

XP’s new cheap detector! NEW 2018

If hellish trash happens in a metal detecting world, it’s almost always connected with XP. And it will get even worse – the manufacturer is preparing a revolution in the class of very cheap machines. There is a scary tale to tell among the XP Deus owners… Once upon a time, one guy installed the XP GO Detect app on his smartphone. And a miracle happened! Continue reading