Warning to XP Deus HF owners. Important!

Notice to all XP Deus HF owners: the new coils break the detector’s lower shaft and, above all, such damage isn’t covered by warranty. The problem lies in an external battery because of which the detector’s build has been significantly weakened. It’s the first such case for the manufacturer when their renowned shaft has really broken down.

Warning to XP Deus HF owners. Important!

The battery of the new XP Deus coils is located inside the lower shaft. Such a solution makes it possible to keep the coil in balance, to nominally decrease the weight (the coil’s weight only as the machine’s total weight remains the same), to use the higher capacity batteries for the coil, to move beyond a fixed size of the battery slot inside the coil.

Warning to XP Deus HF owners. Important!

But, as it turned out in practice, that innovation affected the firmness of the shaft. The latter breaks at the battery cable entry point into it.

You can see for yourself that it’s impossible to repair such a damage. Whatever you do, the shaft will break at the cable entry point anyway, as the highest load while sweeping is concentrated at this very place. The warranty doesn’t cover such damage. So there can be only one solution – to replace the lower shaft.



Gary XP on February 8, 2018 at 15:17

This is not something I have seen before, please advise your customer that XP products are covered by a comprehensive warranty.
Many thanks

Info source and image credit: MetalDetect. Other info about the XP Deus is collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews and opinions) and on Knowledgebase pages. There you can find things you should know before buying this machine. The experience of others will help you save your time and money.

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    • youve got go some to wreck that shaftmust have used it as a club ..

    • Voglio solo dire che vedendo le pistre e come sono ridotte ci credo ! Io penso che Gary non abbia mai rotto una piastra ! Siete dei CANI usate il metal per spezzare i rami come si sente e vede nel video! In quelle situazioni UNA PERSONA COL CERVELLO NON UN CRETINO COME NEL VIDEO USA UN NO MOTIIN !CHE IMBECILLE SPERO CHE LA XP NON PAGHI DANNI COSI PERCHE COME SI FA HA TRATTARE UN DEUS COSI TUTTO SPORCO PIENO DI BOTTE !!

  • This is not something I have seen before, please advise your customer that XP products are covered by a comprehensive warranty.
    Many thanks

    • The problem XP has With their warranty though it may be comprehensive” there Warranty will not cover anything involving water. I literally saved for a year to buy my XP deus . I wanted to but I thought was the absolute best from a company who I was told would take care of me and back up there product. So worked and I saved and saved and saved until I can afford what I thought was the absolute best(1500.00), plus the xp pin pointer, and an additional hi freq coil to boot! foolishly, I thought With that flashy price tag would also have a some Great customer service and/or warranty to match……….yeah, not so much!
      At the time I had owned the deus than 5 weeks taken it out maybe a dozen times. Last time out I found myself in the middle of the woods in rain storm, now to be clear, I Did NOT set it in a puddle, I did not drop it in the creek or anything of the like. Nothing outside of normal operation, well besides the raining. Robert I made it back to my truck my day is remote flickered turned off turn on once or twice over the next couple days while I had a bag of rice. Fully expecting XP to take care of the situation I called and talked to the service/warranty center, first they quickly informed me that my “comprehensive’ warranty covers everything with the exception of water . Hmmm (that stuff that covers over 80% of the surface of the earth) .After he brief two minute conversation they determined that it was most certainly not covered under warranty and begin to try to sell me a replacement. I dang near had to demand them allow me to send my remote in. (on my dime) Now you would think a quality customer service agent would want you to send your product in, If for nothing else to allow them to verify there’s nothing they could do for you before trying to sell me a $600 replacement. . I guess they consider this a good deal as you were getting it for the “service center cost” which is just 25% under FULL PRICE! I’m Seriously contemplating selling off the rest of my Xp Deus Components, and put it towards a Minelab. I honestly don’t think I could be any more disappointed with my XP DEUS investment. when is this sometime soonthe verge of parting out Rob got left selling it and going to buying a mine

      • I wish it was waterproof, and it’s unfortunate that yours was damaged in the rain, especially such an expensive part. But Deus is very clear that the remote is not waterproof, and must be protected in wet weather. I can see how that’s not a warrantee issue. Maybe you could buy a used one cheaper, if you still like the detector. And buy a cover for it. :-)

      • It’s clear as day, that the rc isn’t waterproof, so walking in rain and not using a cover is your own responsability.
        You also could have taken the rc off, and put it in your pocket.
        You can’t blame XP for this, and it’s logical that there is no warranty.
        Your talking to buy a minelab, do you know the poor build quality?

  • when you don’t read the manual …

  • I have the 9” hf coil and that has give up the ghost just about detects something right next to coil any further than an inch and does not see it and that’s a 15mm musket ball so another problem happening with to the new coil

  • Hi Recently a few days ago purchased a new XP 9″ white coil HF and installing the lithium battery the terminals bent and broke off,hence I contacted the importer who said it was my fault, the batterys are cheaply.made and very costly, ?42 to replace, so be careful when installing a new lithium battery in the stem of a white HF coil,I’m sending the battery back to XP metal detectors ,I’m hoping they will replace it,not happy Mike Styles.

  • Unfortunately, the coils hf are a big unknown. I am currently third. the first after covering the cover looked like boiling water. the second after a month of the device died. the third one I have now started to release water on the plug, it turned out that it is not an o-ring, but the plug housing is not tight. in my own field, buy a new plug because I did not want to stay with nothing during the season.

  • Recent phenomena after the last two outings on charging all items together found that the HFeliptical coil would not come off charge or the continuous indicating light would not go to intermittent to show it fully charged .(would do when disconnected)
    So I seeked advice from the place I purchased it from, the advice given was to reboot or reinstall the latest V5/2 firmware ,,, couldnt understand why Id need to do that ,,so spoke to the main UK XP dealers who said I should try another HF coil with the possibly faulty battery from my troublesome coil,but I hadn’t got another. So long story short !! ,,,took the battery out of the shaft uncrewed it disconnected it put back together as you do ,put it back on charge with in twenty minutes intermittent appears hopefully end of problem,incidently had the coil since September last used it and charged it many times before…

  • I have a Deus ellptical coil and have had no problems running of V5. If you’re having trouble strongly suggest you watch Gary’s u tube video on settings.

  • And I am just one of the thousands of XP Deus owners (4 machines) who love the machine and understand that nothing is unbreakable. XP Deus service is awesome. I have zero complaints.

  • MetalDetecting24: Broken Dreams

    • I watched the video he uses the dues like a machete when searching in the woods the
      attachment broke because he handles it roughly at one point in the video he just chucks
      the machine in the ground.

  • This appears to be user error. Not the machines fault, if you pull and hit it against a tree and it breaks that’s on you.

  • i did not realize when i purchased my 9 inch standard hf coil, and after putting the 5.2 version in that i can only get three frequencies 14, 28 and 54 khz, with a few each way using the slider.i would like to use the gmp 18 khz but cant, very disappointed

    • Maybe read about and research what you’re buying ??? if you want to use 18khz in GMP mode you don’t need a HF coil. You’re missing the point of using one.

    • The Hf coils are accessory coils there not standard 🤔

  • I’ve had a deus for about a month. bought used but used very lightly. 4th trip out and every time I swing my coil and it contacts the ground it loses coil signal? As long as you don’t tap the coil it works fine. We all know this is not realistic in the field metal detecting. Your coil is going to hit a twig or a high spot in the ground. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue?

  • Looking at the photos, it appears that there is a part missing at the bolt for the coil. I don’t know if it the fix for this issue, but there is supposed to be a small white spacer that is inserted into the shaft where the coil bolt passes through. I can only imagine that this spacer does two things, fills the gap in the shaft to make it sturdier (it is a tight fit) and also allows the battery wire something smooth to rub on rather than the bolt.

    Like I said, this may be an new thing as my HF coil came in today 2019/10/07

    • not seen the spacer but good a idea ,Ive seen a few of this guys clips he hunts mainly in the forest amongst leaf litter which is very soft I cant say he overly gentle but Ive hit large rocks flints and taken chips out of the coil happens ,the HF coil shaft has a weakness especially in very cold weather seems . There Depar 600 White gold machine coils I believe have the batteries in the coils still and not in the stem not 100% on that, but maybe if it thats the case perhaps a change is due…

  • he got what he deserved by smashing it against a tree the numptie

  • hi guy it looks like this breakage could be preventive if they made a sleeve to fit over the shaft. With the wire slot cut into it so it lines up over the original slot make it a bout4 to 5 inch long .slide it down the shaft use a resin glue on the shaft then line it up .May be that will work

  • Never ever seen that it snapped.
    Never heard of also.
    By looking at the video, i can say only one thing:
    You need a lot to learn yet.

  • Anyone know how to open the Xp deus headphones to change the battery? Thanks

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