Pinpointer on a stick 2. Genius or crazy?

Take two pinpointers and make a T-mop of them. It’s possible you’ll find something and get a kick out of unusual beach hunting. Here’s a video to watch (interesting, don’t miss it!).


The screenshots for those who don’t want or can’t watch the video.








Want to see how it all began? Pinpointer on a stick 1 is a working version, too. All about the pinpointers is collected here.

4 Responses to Pinpointer on a stick 2. Genius or crazy?

  • I saw the video(s) of that pinpointer on a stick…interesting idea. Ihunt the beachonce a month and it looks like that might add a bit of fun…a friend of mine always drags a shovel behind him on a string so he can see right away where hehas hit…roughly. One could do the same thing with a pro pointer…who knows you might get an extra hit out of it now and then too!

  • Deteknix Scuba Tector

    • That’s cool. Do you feel vibration through the stick? Been thinking about doing the same thing with a vira tector or even just a pin pointer to start.

  • Quante cazzate ….che nn servono a nulla….

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