Opening the Garrett ACE 300i. What’s new under the bonnet?

A new Garrett ACE 300i metal detector has already been opened )) According to the manufacturer, the new ACE machines have a new processor inside. Are you ready for the truth? See the photo report: opening the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector. What’s new under the bonnet.


1. The circuit for switching on/off the device has remained the same, no changes found.
2. Yet the Garrett ACE 300i does have a new processor – Garrett 8161400! This one hasn’t been seen before.
3. There are changes in audio circuit. With regard to the amplifier – LM4818 has been replaced with VNF 32.
4. The power supply of the Garrett ACE 300i has remained the same (like in the Garrett ACE 250) – microcircuit 50L08C.
5. Receiver OP376, and transmitter LM386 – no changes found.



All about the new Garrett ACE 300i metal detector is collected here (news, photos, videos, tests, comparisons), and here (specs, features, the manual, compatible coils).

6 Responses to Opening the Garrett ACE 300i. What’s new under the bonnet?

  • Hence why the performance will be very similar to the old Garrett range…

    • No they are a lot better, faster reponse, better iron recovery, nicer tones, great machines for the money IMHO

  • Took my old gta 1000 out of wraps. It operated ok for a day or two. But now when I press buttons they fail to work, so can’t go detecting. Can I lubricate the buttons with anything to make them work, or are the circuit boards jiggered?

  • Hi, I’m looking for a Garrett Ace 300i or upgrade motherboard replacement because my existing one was damaged when a battery leaked and destroyed the board.

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