Opening the Garrett ACE 300i. What’s new under the bonnet?

A new Garrett ACE 300i metal detector has already been opened )) According to the manufacturer, the new ACE machines have a new processor inside. Are you ready for the truth? See the photo report: opening the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector. What’s new under the bonnet.


1. The circuit for switching on/off the device has remained the same, no changes found.
2. Yet the Garrett ACE 300i does have a new processor – Garrett 8161400! This one hasn’t been seen before.
3. There are changes in audio circuit. With regard to the amplifier – LM4818 has been replaced with VNF 32.
4. The power supply of the Garrett ACE 300i has remained the same (like in the Garrett ACE 250) – microcircuit 50L08C.
5. Receiver OP376, and transmitter LM386 – no changes found.



All about the new Garrett ACE 300i metal detector is collected here (news, photos, videos, tests, comparisons), and here (specs, features, the manual, compatible coils).

8 Responses to Opening the Garrett ACE 300i. What’s new under the bonnet?

  • Hence why the performance will be very similar to the old Garrett range…

    • No they are a lot better, faster reponse, better iron recovery, nicer tones, great machines for the money IMHO


  • Took my old gta 1000 out of wraps. It operated ok for a day or two. But now when I press buttons they fail to work, so can’t go detecting. Can I lubricate the buttons with anything to make them work, or are the circuit boards jiggered?

  • Hi, I’m looking for a Garrett Ace 300i or upgrade motherboard replacement because my existing one was damaged when a battery leaked and destroyed the board.

    • Have you found a solution? I’m in the same situation

    • Me too!

      • My solution for that after reaching out to Garrett was to buy the Chinese knockoffs. You can even get just the control head from AliExpress. Garrett wanted so much it simply wasn’t worth it and they wanted me to send the detector in to them. Since I repair them I found no need to do any of that that and they consistently refuse to sell me parts I need.. The aces I ran into are all too corroded to repair since the battery corrosion goes right back to the board and eats the traces and components. Really bad design that could have been partially avoided. You can’t stop batteries from corroding but they could make it to where the corrosion stops or slows before eating the board. Even a battery holder like with the pro and the max help in stopping it. Anyway since Garrett lies and the products are really not made in the United States it doesn’t bother me to have picked up a couple cheap cheap knockoffs to use with all my leftover Ace parts. They worked well and made for good gifts since I did not want to sell them like that. I got my knockoffs on Amazon. I found a couple listings that were not listed correctly and was able to scoop a couple up super cheap before Garrett got Amazon to stop selling them. They may be back on Amazon, I’m not sure I just was able to pick up whole detectors for about the price AliExpress was selling just the control unit. But it was a mistake in the listing that I was able to take advantage of being a prime member. I haven’t checked recently but I know you can get them on AliExpress were they originated. Raider was one of the brands those were the original Ace 250 identical knockoffs they have several versions. Md6250 md6350 MD 6450. I’m not trying to push knockoffs, I’m just saying give Garrett a call and then if you don’t want to just buy a new metal detector maybe consider checking out the knockoff parts. Of course all the coils cross over I don’t think there’s any difference in the generic and the branded aftermarket butterfly coils either.. I personally like Minelab the best then whites. Yes white still even being out of business is better in my opinion than Garrett. Good luck.

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