WWII finds grown into tree

The WWII finds have grown into a tree and risen out of the land with growth. A slightly creepy look, especially if you imagine that each of these artifacts has been related to the particular destiny of a soldier.

A typical example: there was a machine-gun post in a young tree crutch in war-time… And after 70 years this MG post has turned out to be at a height of 2 meters grown completely into the trunk.






WWII finds grown into tree

WWII finds grown into tree

WWII finds grown into tree

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  • Wow, I’ve been doing a lot of WW2 relic hunting in Germany and have yet to come across something like this!

  • Look at the stuff just put in the crotches of trees and how they were left there for the trees to entomb them.Artillery rounds,pistols machinguns,etc.The helmets are russian so my guess is that its in Ukrain and they left them because war and winter isn’t kind to anyone and they were either killed or retreated out of the area.I have seen a few picts from Belgium that had fired rounds sticking out of the trees.The forrest around Bastougne is heavy and since the war waged there in late ’44 the artillery barrages were fierce so now forrester have to use mdt’s to make sure no metal gets into the saws.Old school spiking trees in a manner.lol

  • Is it possible, one tree might brag to another? “check out my bling!” Trees, the first treasure hunters.

  • – – That looks like a Russian anti tank rifle in the top image – –

    Great pics!

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