Honest review about Minelab Equinox 800 (+ warning)

Here’s a warning to all Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 owners: do not try to open the detector control box. Having spent 15 minutes attempting to uncover my machine, I completely destroyed the housing. It’s a good thing that I bought 2 units at once, otherwise it would be rather ridiculous: sort of you paid your money but never went out detecting with that device.

Honest review about Minelab Equinox 800 (+ warning)

The Minelab Equinox 800 is surely mostly similar to the XP Deus. But what makes these two machines completely related is absence of aftermarket coils for them. In my personal opinion, one of these detectors which will have alternative coils available for sale first (at a considerably less price than the original) shall certainly carry all before one. Until then, we are where we are.

The Minelab Equinox has the best quality assembly among modern brand name detectors in the market. By the way, which is the most awesome machine with supercool plastic and assembly you know? No, it’s not an XP Deus. That is especially evident now when its quality has fallen to true customer returns. So, not many folks know that before the Minelab Equinox’s time the most awesome units in terms of their external appearance were the Quest ones. Well, the Minelab Equinox is more awesome.

There have been nearly 30 pieces of screen protectors piled up in my Minelab Equinox 800 packages (in each box). These ones serve as different language labels for the settings. But first and foremost it’s a protective film for your detector screen. That amount will be enough and to spare, you surely won’t need a rain cover at all.

The Minelab Equinox 800 comes supplied with two USB charging cables with magnetic connectors whereas the Minelab Equinox 600 has one. This information is not accurate – it’s just as resellers said. The magnetic connector is a nice item indeed. Of course, I understand that its value lies exclusively in the convenience and unusualness. But still, I’ve liked it.

The machine is of convenient hand holding and at first I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. After spending an hour hunting with it, however, my arm got tired. I felt a strong desire to put the detector into another hand. And it’s not because of the armrest. It’s all okay with the latter actually, I could not even ask for better. The issue is about the balance in the detector’s build.

It seems like Minelab have changed their technology. At least the EQX coils have become a bit more lightweight – sealed in a different way + lighter coil cover. Not a great weight loss, of course, but at any rate they started the ball rolling. Seemingly it’s the coil on a straight-as-a-rod shaft (and it’s neither more nor less than a rod) that gives an imbalance. Plus, the grip tilt angle can’t be adjusted at all.

Let’s move on to how the machine works. The first thing that comes to mind when you start trying the detector – it’s the Minelab X-Terra interbred with the Minelab E-Trac. The second, after two days of going out detecting – there is nothing outstanding about this device. There isn’t any feature in terms of which I could say that Minelab performed a miracle. Depth, discrimination, accuracy, speed, comfort. It’s just an ordinary metal detector. Moreover, I can say with confidence that if I have an X-Terra 705 with a proper coil at my disposal, I will certainly be on a level in regards to finds. The Minelab Equinox in its turn is the unit for those who have a desire to spend more than the average budget. And it will work that way as the machine is operational after all and can see finds.

Regarding the teardown. If you try to disassemble the control box, you won’t be able to assemble it back. The detector housing is 100% non-demountable. Maybe I should try to saw it? Besides, while opening the housing I heard a hiss of air – apparently it was pumped out before sealing the control box. I mean have you ever seen any other detector out of which the air was pumped before assembly? I definitely haven’t.

All about the Minelab Equinox is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Minelab Equinox. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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    • I run a Simplex + and know the machine inside out. I was considering the nox 800 but having tested one I found it to be no better than the Simplex + especially with the latest software updates. It certainly isnt worth the extra £500. Nothing is.

    • Its pretty obvious you don’t understand the 800. Set it in all metal in an iron tone you choose, run iron volume down so you barely hear it. Run F2 at 4. Now go out and swing …. you will hear some “flute like” tones. Swing over them again slowly and you get the soft iron sound. Its iron, don’t bother to dig. A coin or button give a nice sharp tone with a little, tight, footprint, no iron sound at all. Dig it.

      The Minelab 800 has saved me from digging thousands of 200 year old square nails. Yet it still locks onto large cents and buttons perfectly. Amazing machine, worth every cent for weeding out those pesky nails.

      Take a couple weeks, learn to hear whats in the ground and you will change your tune.

      • Could you post me your settings for the nox please i have just bought one after using deus for years, i understand its a very powerful machine that needs tweaking for optimal results..your help would be greatly appreciated 🙏

      • Hello Brian. My names Arthur and I have used minelab machines since the first sovereign and currently use a ctx 3030 but have purchased a second hand equinox 800 as I have permissions with big walk ins and gradients.The nox did not come with any instructions and I know by your reply that you know your machine inside out as I do the ctx which is a totally different animal.would were much appreciate any programs for beach , pasture,stubble you could help me out with and tips and information as that’s half the battle,I stay in scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 cheers Arthur. Happy hunting.

      • 100% with you on that one. Not nocking the simple but I think the nox 800 is worth every penny I think you need to use a machine for a wile on all different grounds and get the feel of the machine. I wonder if you said the machine is free of charge what one do you want the simplex or the nox 800

      • Hi Brian ;
        Pleas excuse me for sending to you but you sounded like an experienced owner of an Equinox 800I`ve had a Nox 800 for a year now & enjoyed some great finds .but just recently it has started playing up & when switched on , it jumps straight to one mode only ,will not change & no other button responds.
        what do you think has happened ?
        Robin Lloyd

    • The less people who buy a Nox the better.
      That basically means more finds for me lol.
      If you don’t know how anything truly works then don’t post trash reviews like this one. Seriously I’ve clocked up over 100 hours with my N800 and with the right coil choice and a great set of earphones it’s a weapon. And by the way, I have a simplex too and while it too is an awesome machine for the price it’s not a beast like the Nox.

      • Hi mate,
        I was thinking to upgrade from my Simplex.
        Few times I was with my friend ( nox 800), pasture, field, woodland.
        All my signals for a dig he will dig and opposite all his signals simplex find too.
        So both machine find this same targets all days long.
        What is a difference then?
        What is a point to pay extra 500?.
        I want to upgrade if machine will find stuff missed by my simplex.

        Ps. My friend was surprised… and p. Off why he spend that much money when he upgraded from garrett….
        Maybe Deus is better??

      • Like to know what head phones you are using? Like to try.Been thinking maybe wired.Can tell you know. I’m 80 and excited about this machine. Please reply.nox 800

      • I went a lake near me and another person had a equinox 800 just like mine He told me don’t bother there’s nothing here. Well when he left I found a 14kt gold wedding band. If you’re going to buy a expensive machine learn to use it

    • I agree with the balance issue. After a hour of hunting with the 11″ coil my arm was getting tired from swinging. Maybe I’m spoiled because I’ve owned a AT Gold and gold bug 2 for several years and I’ve never got tired of swinging either of them and I’ve used the AT Gold mostly for coins and relics. That straight shaft on the Equinox just doesn’t give the ‘ease of use and comfort’ that many other detectors offer. Wish they offered a more balanced shaft assembly.

    • The nox 800 is as good as it gets. Learn the machine I didn’t do real well at first but after learning the machine I could tell what was there before I even dug many of the targets. I will say the simplex is definitely a awesome machine for the money but it really can’t hold a candle to the nox 800

  • Thanks for the report. This is exactly why I am holding on to my Sovereign GT.
    It will be, and has always been, my go-to beach and pasture machine. I understand what my GT is saying so well, that I can differentiate between a zinc and a copper just by the sound alone. I can not replace the understanding I have developed with my GT. I will hold off on the Equinox 800, as I am learning by the videos and audio tests of the Equinox, that my GT is still a very capable machine that can hold it’s own against whatever other machine it is sharing a site with.
    Yes, the Equinox is great, but not great enough to convince me that I need to drop my current go-to machine. However, it is good to know that the Equinox has a great build quality.

    • I have a GT and an equinox, I love my GT but havent used it once since I got the nox. The GT just doesnt have the recovery speed that the nox does and the GT cannot handle the mineralised sand as well (the black iron sand). What happens with the GT is it nulls out on the iron sand whereby the equinox you can easily just turn off all metal mode and no nulling at all, it detects perfectly in areas I couldnt ever detect with my GT or excal.

      • Thank You.
        I appreciate the feedback, especially being a GT owner yourself. I’ll be honest, the NOX speed and iron performance reports are growing on me. I may indeed may need to rethink my position.
        Thanks James.

      • So if there is no iron sand the gt still hits deep but with a slower speed.

      • It don’t matter what machine you have or the cost of it .Understanding what it tells you and knowing how to set it up to do its best is the key .But more importantly is having the good luck to walk over the target is the the main thing .Look at all the hoards ever found .They were not found with deus nox 800 or any other all singing and dancing machine .Just old basic machines in the day compared to what you all rant about today .ctx3030 no 1 found a big hoard yet with 1 .So all these big fancy machines .Not as good as you all think if you look back at what’s been found. And I bet you are all good detectorists get a machine from 10 or 15 years ago and I bet once you know the machine you will do just as well if not better

    • I for one am not into all these machines coming out that cant change battery, ill stick to safari fbs will always be the deepest

    • That’s one of the problems, the equinox doesn’t have a good build quality, from all the research I’ve done! So I went out and purchased the Anfibio. The Equinox is not good on our Canadian coins either. I picked up the Anfibio yesterday and did a few coin tests at the beach,, No problem to pick up 7-8 inch coins in wet salt sand, I didn’t try to go in a deeper because it started to snow, so I headed back home LOL

  • you are right jason , maybe it get improved when the equinox 1000 will come out =)

  • yo soy propietario de un equinox 800 un gt y deus
    mi experiencia con el equinox son ,
    es una maquina liviana no pesa nada al igual que el deus, el equinox es alfo mas profundo que el deus con platos similares
    la diferencia que el equinox identifica mejor que el deus a alta profundidad y mejor,al equinox una pieza a 40cm la pilla a la primera a el deus hay que ayudar a decirle donde esta exactamente la pieza para que empiece a cojerla y aun as? la identifica peor hay que quitarle tierra para corroborar lo que es (cuando hablo del deus es a lo maximo que puede dar )
    respecto al cable magn?tico que dice el compa?ero el 800 trae dos cables por que uno es para el detector y otro para el modulo

    esto es mi umilde opinion

    • Yo tengo el Equinox 600 y me parece mejor que mi Teknetics Patriot. Pero me fijo que el Equinox no encuentra monedas de 10centavos (USD) a mas de 5 pulgadas de profundidad mientras que el Patriot las identifica a mas de 9 pulgadas.

  • I own an equinox 800 gt and deus my experience with the equinox are, it is a light machine weighs nothing like the deus, the equinox is alfo deeper than the deus with similar dishes the difference that the equinox identifies best that the deus at high depth and better, to the equinox a piece to 40cm the pilla at the first to the deus must help tell you where exactly the piece is so that it begins to take it and even then identifies it worse you have to remove land to corroborate what it is (when I speak of the deus is to the maximum that it can give) regarding the magnetic cable that says the companion the 800 brings two cables because one is for the detector and another for the module this is my umilde opinion

  • The machine is not balanced for swinging. There is a problem with the mount and rod. Must have been designed by a youngster. I can’t swing it.

    • Yes, that’s true! The youngster name is Philip Shane Wahrlich
      and his speciality is astrophysics. This is the first metal detector
      in his life that he made. This first try is not very successful,
      may be the second try will be better? (May be not?)






  • You said, “there is nothing outstanding about this device…It’s just an ordinary metal detector.”

    Are you kidding? Just an ordinary detector? I beg to differ. Here are some of its unique features:

    • Multi-frequency simultaneously. No other detector has that yet except for this one. This gives it the ability to read deep silver or small gold all at the same time.
    • It can detect in salt water. Few VLF metal detectors are stable enough to use in that environment.
    • The entire machine is water proof. Although many other brands are as well, this feature is a big plus for beach detectorists.
    • It has a prospecting mode that works quite well. I don’t know of any other machine that does both coin-shooting, salt-water hunting, and also able to detect very tiny gold nuggets.
    • It has several options for wireless connection to headphones.
    It is reasonably priced. Reports show people are pulling in great finds from hunted out areas. For me it’s the perfect machine. I hunt in the salt-water surf and I prospect in the desert for gold. This machine can do both, so I don’t have to buy two different detectors. I think the Minelab Equinox is far more than just an ordinary detector.

    • Now let us look closer at these “unique features”.
      1) Multy-frequency simultaneously. Fisher CZ series, White’s DFX, Sovereign, Excalibur.
      2) Water proof. Fisher CZ series, Excalibur.
      3) Prospecting mode. Not sure if any multi-frequency devices had it.
      4) Wireless connection. Very useful option when you work in salt water.
      5) Reasonably priced. I paid aroud $1000 for my Equinox 800.
      6) Testing my Equinox 800 in “hunted out areas” I was not able to find any “finds”.
      Our “hunted out areas” are really hunted out!
      Minelab Equinox is much less than just an ordinary detector. It brings you no finds
      no pleasure.

      • Are you a muppet this Detector is the best on the planet the problem is that you lot don’t no how to work it have been detecting 17 years its the deepest Detector out there have been pulling out hammerds at 16inches down it doesn’t pick coke up what a Detector this is I would pay 2000 for this Detector and would still be cheap at that

      • Lol, every post on this blog is full of hate for minelab.
        Minelab are number one, no matter what you claim. I found gold in high mineralization soil, gold rings on the beach and gold chains in parks. Alk with the nox 800. No other machine is like it

      • If you want to trade your nox 800 i have a fisher cz-5.

      • You don’t know how to wrap the coil wire. Get a upper carbon fiber rod. Or put electric tape on the middle section. Coil wire run straight up to the middle section. Then wrap the wire. Up to the control box. Slightly shorten your rod and it is easy to swing. Mine will hit a quarter loud at 12 inches and max out between 17 and 18 inches on speed 4. Then you can find more money at hunted out places. It is that simple. But if not fixed that way you are losing a lot of depth.

      • Learn the machine

      • What a strange bunch of biased fools humans are myself included, so don’t go red in the face and send a hasty reply. I’ve been swinging a VLF since 1975 and the Equinox 800 is simply the best machine I’ve used !! Comparing it to a Sovereign or Excalibur is a bit silly, I own an Excalibur II and they are COMPLETELY different machines. No one has mentioned that the nox is deadly on small gold while ignoring hot rocks. LEAVE THE DAMN THING IN FACTORY SETTINGS and stop confusing your tiny brains. Let the outraged naysaying begin !!

    • BBS Detectors also use multi frequency… BBS pioneered salt water detecting… With a 5″ on my GT I can pick up earring backs all day…… I use a GT and Excal 1000. Just got it back from a full rebuild! $360… BBS detectors in my opinion, do a better job discriminating… I have used the Nox 800 and it seems to lump everything to close together…. ie. Ketchup packets and Wine screw tops.

    • Hi to all .. my home town aera (iron red vocannic soil)i got a equnox 800 and it was like slicing butter .. down at local queens park coins to da max .. what i had foud in pass 6yrs decting i fouund with the nox the same amount in hard soil i couldn’t get any to hundreds in 18 months i bagged the months up shown in pic

    • Whoever is putting down the equinox 800. Don’t know anything about the machine

      • I’ve recently got into this hobby,and have the Nox800. It’s not for the impatient person,I am still learning and trying to distinguish the tones. I need much more practice before I can comment properly on it.
        I am enjoying myself though.
        And watching plenty of videos and tutorials.
        For now I will stick to the factory settings. 👍

    • Yes Mark and in gold mode it’s ability to notch out hot rocks is amazing !!

    • Well said. Thanks for sharing your HO.

  • Hi guys,
    I hope it’s ok to post here. I am going for my first detector, and been put off the minelabs 3030 because it needs a ‘users’ brain to start with !
    I was then thinking of the Nox 800,,,, but again, as a complete beginner, and after reading some of these posts, I’m wondering if that too, will be too much for me to start with.
    Right, I don’t think I’ll be able to upgrade later, so I’d like to get the best thing I can at the moment.
    I have a mate who likewise is considering beginning this hobby.
    What would you experienced users recommend please ?
    cheers all

    • Buy the nox..if u don’t. u will end up buying it latter on.good all rounder.. got some faults. Unbalanced.. makes it seem heavy.wobbly stem.. but I can live with it.

      • Buy Eunuch 800 and you will find out with surprise that Eunuch is really Eunuch!
        This device is deprived of normal target indication! Castratus complitus (Lat.)

      • Bad stem and non responsive on Canadian clad, sadly! I wouldn’t pay $1000 plus far machine that I had to upgrade! The Anfibio is built like a tank, A little heavier, but I swung a power saw all day so a 3lb + detector isn’t a big deal. This generation is so soft lol

    • Buy the equinox 800 there’s a lot to find with it it. Won’t let you down

  • Reading all the above comments I think people should judge for themselves not everyone agrees we all use different machines and have different views why try to compare one machine to another as different detector’s have different functions if your happy with your detector that’s proof in the pudding happy hunting ?

  • I for one am also in the market for a new detector. Been running the Garrett series for 5 yrs and want something faster, deeper, and more versatile. I am undecided on 800 or anfibio. Anyone use anfibio in water?

  • Would you buy the 800 for $400 if you were new to the hobby?

    • If you are “new to the hobby” buy as your first detector Minelab X-Terra 705 with
      7.5kHz 10″ DD coil and 18.75kHz 10″ DD coil. At least you will understand what
      is VDI and how it works. On Eunuch 800 VDI is “very strange” and it don’t work
      properly so you will have problems with target identification.

      • Sounds like it needs a Mark II version…
        There is a range of comments…
        Perhaps reflected by a range of abilities ?
        Or a range of bias ?

  • Screen fades out after five minutes of use even on bright setting used it less than 5hours.

    • Yer I had mine for 3 weeks and it completely went ,,sent it to mind lab and they replaced it ,no problem
      Unfortunately there have been problems with some of the Asian pacific screens and roughly a couple of hundred cases so far world wide ,but besides that happening ,I think she is great ,spend the time with her and roughly a few months you’ll understand that is capable finding some great things

  • I bought the Minelab Equinox 800. I have had it for three days,have not taken it outside. Charged it,read what information came with it. I own two other Metal detectors. What is giving me a problem is the negative reviews from real everyday people. What I don’t like about the Equinox 800 is there is no way to ever replace the Battery. Should the battery go bad in two to five years what is the replacement plan. Why to I have to download the operators instructions. Is the company that cheap,that they do not give a instruction book and a DVD on someone demonstrating how to use it. To me this implies this is a very cheap product and making a nice profit from the buyers.I will probably sent it back for a refund. I want a Metal Detector that is good on the Beach, Farm,old houses and Rivers. Price range 1500.00 dollars. ANY SUGGESTIONS.

    • Whites V3i

    • T2SE. It is still the dominant machine but very few want to admit it. Not waterproof so I confess it’s not perfect.

      • John Smith, there is one “small” problem with T2SE – its price.
        T2SE Black with DST costs around $1000 and Eunuch 800
        costs the same $1000. But T2SE Black is single-frequency and
        outdated on the contrary – Eunuch 800 is multi-frequency and
        new. If I need T2SE I will take chinese Gold Finder 2 for $250
        and try it. If anything will go wrong I will just throw it away –
        $250 is not big money.

      • Agree. I own a t2 se and just bought a nox 800. Still thinking the re is a better machine

    • Whites V3i is what your looking for. Whites (made in America) has some of the best machines in the world and a service department second to none. Whites has never made a bad product and without doubt a V3i will be running long after the nox800 has crapped out. I have both detectors.

      • Whites is no longer in business, they sold to Garrett, I tried to email Whites the other day but it got sent right back to me.
        I never thought in a million years Whites would sell out to Garrett.

      • Whites is out of business. And the equinox 800 kicks ass

    • Garrett AT Pro or AT Max. Good coil selection and customer service. Waterproof up to 10 feet and cheaper than most of them. Very user friendly with good identification. Get a 5×8 concentric coil it is a coil and you will not be digging bottle caps again.

    • Buy a Garrett AT Max. Love mine.

    • Garrett atx minelab safari etrac explorer

    • The battery is inside the handle. You can buy replacements for it and you can also have Minelab replace it.

    • Whoever is putting down the equinox 800. Don’t know anything about the machine

    • Stop putting down the equinox learn the machine

  • I own the equinox 800 all I can say is good things about it it’s deep accurate and above all an amazing bit of kit I’ve been to fields I’ve detected for years using minelab safari/minelab xterra/Fisher f75 Ltd edition /nokta impact but the 800 is pulling stuff out the ground which the other machines missed so to say its not a great machine maybe it’s the user.
    Also I dont understand why people buy a machine and then give negative feedback do your research maybe before purchasing also why would you want to take the detector to bits mmm I find that a bit strange all I can say is ditch the antique machines it’s an awesome bit of kit

    • Dave, you have used very strange word – “stuff” this is euphemizm or
      “replacement” for – rusty iron, beer caps, aluminum wire etc. My
      Eunuch 800 finds a lot of such “stuff”, but I personaly prefer coins,
      jewelry and other “good finds”.

    • Hi Dave. Would you recommend it as a first detector to buy? Cheers Richard

  • Let’s remember that the equinox 800 if full submergible up to 10 feet (so no need for rain cover mr MD) and also it finds a grain of gold. A GRAIN Of GOLD
    I get into some spots in trinity county and it takes me forever to clear a 5ft by 5ft area because there is so many pickers and it just screams on the smallest pieces. Best detector iv had

    • Thanks concidering this and the Fisher gold bug 2

    • hi ryan just to expain to a few readers who might not know that a grain is a weight measurement and not an actual grain of sand (1/15 of a gram roughly) usually wiegh gunpowder on grains

    • I’ve found info, on the nox 600, in a gold prospecting forum. The nox600 with the 6″ coil, can find extremely small gold, so small it takes 4 nuggets to make1.1 grain of weight. In multi frequency park 2 & field 2, the nox600 can find gold, better than most single freq, gold detectors. That’s awesome. The Equinox 600-800 are the best detectors on the market…

  • I guess I am a little confused about this being a water detector but they stress about rain cover the protective screen cover I get to avoid scratches would be my guess but why would you have to worry about hunting if its raining or get caught out in it???? But yet you can fully submerge the detector in river, etc???

    Am I missing something here did I misunderstand?????

  • After reading all of the above, I can only say that, ANY metal detector is only as good as the operator.
    One can read reviews at nauseam and still no be the wiser.
    I have detected since 1965 and started with an SCR625, a BFO machine using mini valves and 100volts battery, so I have tried and played with a lot of weird and marvellous machine.
    I now have an Equinox, before that, here in Australia I had an Explorer 2 and an e-trac, loved both of them.
    The equinox was a bit unusual for me at the beginning, but after playing a bit with it and getting use to it, I think it is the best most versatile detector I ever had.
    There is no “Magical” detector out of the box.All require time and patience, experiment with them, try different things and they will reward you.
    Your detector is only as good as you will love it.

    • absolutely spot on! I have a deus which is an amazing machine on land but an ordinary machine on the beach though it works well enough for me, granted it is nearly twice as expensive as the nox so apart from the teething problems I would say the nox sounds like a great detector to get going and keep going with, detecting is a fun hobby lets not forget that.

  • There is a split between land lovers and sea surfers; the Nox 800 is really designed as a salt water machine, thus the multi-frequency feature. It will detect very small gold, like chains and bracelets, because of the higher frequencies and, again, loved by sea dwellers as well as prospectors. However, it is versatile and is also a good land machine, but here is where it is prob no better than the comparison machines mentioned like the 705, particularly if you’re primarily a coin shooter.

    Issues with the Nox 800 are indeed numerous (e.g., battery) but Minelab is excellent at addressing concerns and offering replacements. BTW, the Nox 800 is designed for a limited lifetime of about 5-7 yrs based on battery life expectancy. Be aware that the Nox battery is good for about 500-1000 cycles or about 5-7 yrs for the average user. If you don’t hunt for long periods, the battery may die prematurely.

    So if you plan to hunt saltwater beaches, the NOX 800 is your cheapest choice and a good one at that. However, if you’re hunting land, fresh water beaches or the interior, stick with a cheaper and just as good alternative with less cost and prob longer life expectancy. My middle sister just had such a choice and, being a mostly land lover, chose the AT Pro.

    Gold – 8
    Silver – 33
    Coins – 1,670

    • I live in White’s country. Made near my hometown. Have hunted with them since I was 5 yrs old. Started with a “beachcomber” TR. Later 6000DI pro, Eagle, Eagle 2, most recently a DFX. Fine machines all. Lots of great finds! My brother had a V3i. Learned the intricacies and “language” of my DFX very well with at least 2000 hrs behind it. Oldest find 1854 seated liberty quarter in VF condition. Sceptically went to a CTX 3030 recently and went back to the same spot. Was immediately impressed as I was pulling rosies and buffs and an 1891 seated liberty dime that my DFX just blew right over! Never even played with the settings! Just learned the basics, turned it on and went! YES! Do your research folks! No substitute for field time though. Patience persists! Good luck in the field! Jeff C. From Oregon.

    • I live in central Florida and still don’t know what to buy I’ll be doing saltwater and land

  • So if I’m on or in a beach, understand works well in wet sand. Does it detect both gold ,silver, and coins same time

  • If you want more information about the equinox detector look up the calabash digger on YouTube. This metal detector runs circles around the competition and it’s only rival is the XP deus. Get out in the test garden and see the proof.

  • I have been thinking about buying a better metal detector than the Whites XLT I have been using since 1996. I am a coin shooter, but I have noticed that my machine is not getting the depth like it used too and probably is missing a lot of stuff. I have been watching reviews on YouTube and reading about the different options and I have narrowed the field down to the XP Deus, Minelab CTX 3030, and the Minelab Equinox 800. The advantage of the Deus is that it can hunt in a wide range of frequencies depending on the coil used, but does not hunt in simultaneous frequencies. The CTX 3030 says it hunts in simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1 to 100, but I have read it only chooses three and you have no choice or control over which three it chooses. The Equinox 800 gives a fair choice of frequencies and has the advantage of hunting in all frequencies offered all at once. However, I am concerned by the on edge coin issue in multi-frequency mode. I am also wondering if anyone is going to make a machine that uses 1 to 100 frequencies range like a harmonic all at once, so I been holding off buying. I also wonder if using multiple frequencies is not possible as different frequencies would cancel each other. Because you are talking about Minelab 800 here, can you answer a few questions? (1) Has Minelab corrected the coin on edge problem in their newest Minelab Equinox 800 machines? Did the software fix work? Did you have the issue with your machine? Where do you live? (2) Is the CTX 3030 better than the Equinox 800? Is the CTX 3030 hunting in multiple frequencies all at once and how many? Does the CTX have a better frequency range and can you control which frequencies are used? I am just checking my information and debating on rather buy now or wait for what is next before putting a lot of money into it. My Whites XLT does a pretty okay job for now.

    • PAS, why don’t you ask questions about White’s Spectra V3i? This is the only one
      metal detector which run true THREE frequencies at ones! 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz.
      The rest of metal detectors can run ONLY two frequencies at once! Including so called
      “modern metal detectors” (E-Trac, CTX-3030, Equinox)! The Minelab company is
      telling lies about “28 frequencies” or “100 frequencies” or even “Multy IQ – 5kHz, 10kHz,
      15kHz, 20kHz and 40kHz”!

    • I also bought the cot spectrum it’s great keep on rebuilding it because it’s worth it. I also bought the equinox 800

  • I have eq 800 see and separate fine I hit dime at 5 feet and 4 inches ground balance for power line and spaceships I hit hot on nickel when Susie ran Dfx she hit nothing while running hot I run good tone and look to the left another dime 3 feet Susie at max want but no water in salt I run equinox and never charge battery even swimming in swimming pool all frequencies hit 4 5 foot nickel. I go today and hit hot chest at 7 foot concrete no issue Susie run at max no water in salt very dissatisfaction

  • I have heard a lot of Equinox coil lugs breaking and people buying strengtheners to fit the coil , my question is … Are strengtheners really needed and has anyone experienced any problems from fitting them ?

  • Hi mate,
    I was thinking to upgrade from my Simplex.
    Few times I was with my friend ( nox 800), pasture, field, woodland.
    All my signals for a dig he will dig and opposite all his signals simplex find too.
    So both machine find this same targets all days long.
    What is a difference then?
    What is a point to pay extra 500?.
    I want to upgrade if machine will find stuff missed by my simplex.

    Ps. My friend was surprised… and p. Off why he spend that much money when he upgraded from garrett….
    Maybe Deus is better??

    I own an X Terra 705 and an Equinox 800. I used to have an early Soveiern, which was the only Minelab that I found something good with.
    I have owned many top detectors from most companies. Actually, this is one of my downfalls. Buying new detectors. I have spent many 1000’s of dollars on buying new detectors.
    I have searched for many things, including searching on salt water beaches.
    Never found nuthin. (Yet) Except large credit card bills.
    Lately I have been gold prospecting with my Eq 800.
    No gold to show yet.
    I have specific reasons why I hate Minelabs:
    They are way over priced. The company is very aggressive. They lie. Thier machines are nothing special for finding gold nuggets. The Eq 800 does poorly on salt water beaches. They are cheap. For example, no user manual.
    Most of Minelabs machines only finds small gold.
    Do you really want to be finding pinheads?
    Plus, the competition is doing better than Minelab.
    For example, if you are looking for a gold prospecting machine, The new Garrett/Whites Gold Master will work just as well if not better than an Equinox.
    At a lot better price! Hundreds less!
    Another company, Nokta, has a gold machine that can rival the Equinox. I predict that Nokta will soon overtake Minelab as the best performance to dollar value detectors.
    For example, IF you read the Equinoxs manual, Mine lab states that many frequencies have been disabled in the two gold programs. Thier reason? The manual states that gold is not found in these upper frequencies!
    Of course gold can be found in these upper frequencies! Big gold! Lies like this.
    Another lie, Minelabs “Multifrequency” machines are not simulanious multi frequencies, as they try to make you believe.
    Anyways, I will never buy another Minelab. I dont like the company, nor thier behavior on thier forums.
    I am looking forward to Noktas first PI machine. (Other than thier little handheld diving PI). This should be a real nice machine, better than Minelabs.
    The Minelabs are way over hyped, in my opinion.
    The Equinox 800 is way too complex, too.
    The Equinox is supposed to be able to detect anything: coin shooting, gold prospecting, relics, salt water beaches, you name it.
    It just doesnt do a real good job at any of them. Plus as I mentioned, it is way over priced.
    Best to buy a machine that excels in whatever type of detecting you plan to do. In other words, you might need to buy several non-Minelab machines.
    I like the Nokta Makros and Garretts right now. I think Whites were good too, but I dont think I ever owned a Whites. But I might have owned one long ago.
    Just my two cents worth. If you enjoy Minelabs, good for you. (But not good for your finances).

    • Hey Kev, despite my warnings about hot rock in goldfields and my 45yrs. experience with VLF’s a mate bought a Nokta gold kruzer, day one he wanted to rapp the Nokta round the nearest tree. I found three sub gram nuggets and my nox rejected all hot rocks all day. Just my experience mate, you will make up your own mind of course.

    • Also Kev the Equinox 800 excels in all modes just leave it in the factory settings and it’ very simple to use.

  • Oh, one more thing about Minelab:
    When the Equinox first came out, it had something called an FE adjustment on it. Another feature that made the Equinox so good, suppossedly.
    Only one problem: The FE adjustment did absolutely nothing at all, no matter where you set the adjustment at. It was just a dummy switch!
    Minelab finally had to come up with an upgrade that gives a real FE adjustment. This new FE adjustment is called FE2.
    Are you actually willing to pay top dollar to a crooked company like this?
    There are better choices, trust me….

    • Sure I am willing to pay a proven company who is proven in the field to be the best top dollar. Minelab is King right now. I have the 800 and compare it with different detectors I sell all the time. I started detecting when I was 13 with an old Dtex that my grandfather purchased back in the day. I stole from his garage where it had sat for 20 years maybe that he had for Arizona trips LOL Seriously as an adult my first real detector I purchased was he Original Grey Sword and it was and still is awesome. Better than the Blue and the Excal II. But when they switched over to the Blue the already bismol customer service turned into non existent customer service. The Blue was the same way and I just accepted that Minelab did not care so much about customer service and warranty so I started repairing them myself. Never bothered ever reaching out to them again but always had and swung at least one minelab. I liked Whites but I felt as many others did after the DFX they sort of lost the any edge and Minelab just kept producing hits like with the Muskatere and grey sword at that time and continuously ever after.

      A couple or few years ago I got the 800 after swinging a xp Deus and deciding it was too flimsy and fragile feeling. It did seem to be on par with 800 but I just couldn’t justify the additional cost for what seemed to be about the same performance.

      I had resurves about taking the 800 in the water. Eventually after trying a Multi Kruzer I got the Equinox 600 for water hunts and flooded it immediately. Bad seal somewhere and I have waterproof headphones for them. To my surprise after reaching out to Minilab I had a service order that day and was told as soon as they get the control head/pod it they will send out a new head. The new US service center is like night and day compared to how it used to be dealing with minelab. But even with the old poor customer service and doing all the could to get out of warranty work in the past, I always preferred the machines and chose them over other companies that would bend over backwards and give you free stuff but they just didn’t put out machines with the same abilities.

      This is changing a bit now as other companies are trying to compete with Minelab but I still chose a Equinox 600 as a shallow water machine over both the Nokta Multi kruzer and the newer Legend.

      • PS is spot on, you’ve nailed it. I was a bit peeved with minelab here in Australia when I bought a second hand Excalibur II and I broke the stop on the on/off knob because the O-ring seal was so tight I couldn’t ‘feel’ it. I got a surly response when enquiring about fixing it under warranty, how ever they still fixed it. I’ve since swallowed my pride after vowing to never buy another minelab machine because of one bad experience with one person, and bought an X-terra 705, and upgraded to an Equinox 800. It would have been my loss if I had let my pride rule my brain. Minelab in Australia still have a phone tec/ service line that you can use and ask questions, does anyone remember how good it is to actually talk to someone and get an answer that is immediate and intelligent, the people at the end of the phone really know their stuff. I asked Minelab about leakage issues and they were honest and said they have had some but mostly from people putting on a certain after market carbon fibre shaft, that is slightly to big and people leaning on the screen and cracking it. I never intended to use my nox as a dive machine, that’s what an Excalibur is for. I just wanted a machine that I could take sniping here in Tasmania, and be able to take the odd dunking. Say what you like about them as a company, every one’s got an opinion, but they make pretty darn good detectors.

  • Great read guys thankyou lots of knowledge here im looking forward to 2024 detecting just really getting into it now with a few friends look forward to reading everyone’s comments happy hunting ps im a nox /simplex guy love both very similar machines nice and light good separation software

  • i dont own one yet but it isnt because i dont want one i did a lil research on alot of them an the equinox 800 by far is the best out there or very close now Iwant to buy one I just want a deal before i buy one id like a couple coils an the pin pointer for 1000 or less an i havent found it yet but im still looking also i was wondering if i could get someone on hear to answer a question for me so will the coil off of the xterra fit on the 800 i ask because its cheaper to buy the whole xterra package with a nice coil back pack an so on then it is to by just a coil for the equinox so thats why i ask i want at minimun 2 coils but dont wanna pay for it lol sorta speak so dooes anyone know if all the equinoxs will be compatable with each other or not thanks in advance

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