One day with Minelab Go-Find 20. Video

I’m conducting an experiment on myself: it makes no difference what I know about metal detectors and what I hold against this device. Watch the video: coin hunting with Minelab Go-Find 20.

Adding accumulated remarks… I don’t like the coils with a cover fitted at the bottom (without sealing). I’m afraid of them. I constantly feel that it’s a potentially vulnerable spot through which moisture can get into the coil.


Perhaps the manufacturers have already learned to make the normal coils with their working face not sealed. But I still have a fear so far.

The upper shaft (if it can be called so in the Minelab Go-Find 20) constantly picks up dirt. If you don’t take care, the machine folds up with an unpleasant crunch.


Of course, this thing really shortens the life of the detector. Once there was such a crunch that I already thought there came the last day of my Go-Find 20.

Although I obtained several coins after hunting that day, my bet is that I left enough finds behind me in the soil. Both in terms of depth and discrimination. I’ll post the Go-Find 20 target separation test a bit later.

All about the Minelab Go-Find 20 metal detector is collected here. On Knowledgebase pages there is also additional info on Minelab Go-Find 20.


Don’t miss it! This is my personal experiment – another coil for the Minelab Go-Find 40 (photo review and video test).

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