What’s new in XP Deus 4.0 (+ manufacturer’s plans)

It took XP less than a year to announce a complete list of what’s new in the V4.0 update for XP Deus and what changes should be expected. Plus, here are the manufacturer’s answers about their plans for the future. The deep nozzle has been postponed for another year. Let’s see, it’s interesting.

What’s new in XP Deus 4.0


What new features will appear in the XP Deus metal detector, with the new V4.0 update.

  • Compatibility with MI-6 Pinpointer.
  • Compatibility with the 2 new optional high frequency search coils 15, 30 or 55 kHz – XP 22.5 HF Round and XP 22.5 HF Ellipse.
  • Improved mineralization rejection.
  • Reactivity level 3 is more efficient (was Reactivity 3 a bad one?).
  • A more versatile Reactivity level of 2.5.
  • Advanced Reactivity levels for program №10 (GOLDFIELD).
  • Improved identification on large iron targets.
  • Better ground tracking, now independent to the current Reactivity level.
  • Tones can be adjusted to reach 1000 Hz.
  • Target ID Normalization feature is now incorporated into the headphones (do not laugh, this is normal – the headset control pod can be removed und be used as a remote control).
  • XP Go Detect app for smartphones is now compatible with the Deus, featuring a tracking display, user target information and their GPS coordinates.

XP Detectors’ plans for the future


Q: Should I wait for the new version 4.0 to be released before I buy a DEUS? I have been told there are changes to the electronic components. Will my current DEUS – coil-remote control-headphones be compatible with this next version or do I need to change them?

A: No the product hardware will be the same, the new V4.0 update is software only and will be downloadable for free, it will work with all previous DEUS! The original coils, headphones and remote control will work with the new version 4.0 update, although some new menu features will not be accessible unless the new accessories are connected.

Q: Will I have to move my DEUS to V4.0?

A: It is your choice, you can stay in version 2.0 or 3.2 if you want, but the Version 4.0 will be necessary to connect and run the new HF optional coil and XP MI-8 Pinpointer.

Q: Can I use the XP MI-6 Pinpointer even if don’t own a DEUS?

A: Yes of course, the MI-6 can work alone like a traditional Pinpointer thanks to its speaker, vibrator, LED, 6 programs, 3 sensitivity levels, 2 audio modes.

Q: How do I make the Pinpointer communicate wirelessly with the DEUS?

A: This is a simple process – Choose program number 7 on the Pinpointer, the speaker will then be disabled and the sound will be send automatically to the DEUS Remote or headphones. Also the pin pointer has a dedicated menu which appears instantaneously on the Deus remote display when it is in operation.

The operator can make a full range of adjustments to the pin pointers sound and operation from the Deus remote.

Q: Are there any other XP accessories to be released soon?

A: Nothing else is planned at the moment. The optional XP Hoard Hunter 2 box system for the DEUS is currently delayed.


All info on new V4.0 update for the XP Deus is collected here. All content related to XP Detectors is here.

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