White’s MX7 metal detector. NEW 2017 (+ price, video, depth test)

White’s have revealed their new machine 2017 – the White’s MX7. It’s $200 cheaper – just as they promised. But wouldn’t you think this novelty is a crossbreed of the old White’s MX5 and White’s MX Sport? Treasure hunters won’t notice, will they?

White’s MX7 metal detector. NEW 2017 (+ price)

White’s MX7 metal detector. NEW 2017 (+ price)

The shaft taken from the White’s MX5, the housing borrowed from the White’s MX Sport, the coil taken off from… they seemingly made a new one (concentric). That’s the way the new White’s MX7 looks at first glance. The manufacturer has already announced the price — $599.95. Is it a normal cost, no hard feelings?


This post will be updated: the White’s MX7 features, specs, and launch date will also be added, as well as the first tests.

All info on the new White’s MX7 will be collected here. Those who read the MD-Hunter blog will be the first to know the truth about this machine.

24 Responses to White’s MX7 metal detector. NEW 2017 (+ price, video, depth test)

  • So much for a new Whites machine,,,The more things change the more they stay the same,,Oh wait,,They did change the color!

  • It’s starting to smell like Tesoro around here.
    Same old thing.
    On a side note why would anyone want a fluorescent orange machine? I can see a pinpointer being bright so as to not loose it in the grass.
    But if you are the type who would loose their actual detector in the grass you need a new hobby. Perhaps coLoring rocks in the wild.
    Also who wants to stick out like a sore thumb?

    • Actually my response was a knee jerk.
      The color isn’t all that bad. Also, I do see a market for this.
      No brand loyalty just removing a shoe from my mouth.

  • Remember Forum goers make up a very small percentage of overall sales. Having used just about every detector produced it is some what disappointing.

  • Halloween MX5

  • Whites MX7 Metal Detector

    Packed with advanced features and class-leading performance, the MX7 is a lightweight, rugged metal detector built for demanding hobbyists looking to step up to the big-leagues without the sticker shock. At only 3.5 lbs, the MX7 delivers exceptional depth, recovery speed, and ergonomics at an unheard-of price.

    For the “beep and dig” types, get started with six preset programs (Coin and Jewelry, All-Metal, Beach, Prospecting, Relic, and High Trash) and easy-to-access threshold, gain, ground, and pinpoint modes. Pressing the Options button accesses more controls, with user-adjustable Volume, Threshold, Depth Units, Backlight Level, Frequency Shift, Salt Track, Program, Self-Adjusting Threshold, Iron Grunt, VCO, Reject Volume, and Discrimination Mask.

    The included 9.5″ Concentric coil makes pinpointing targets easy, and offers incredible depth in mild to moderate soils (optional accessory coils include all Sport coils). Due to its 14kHz operating frequency, the MX7 excels at locating smaller targets, such as hammered silver coins and small gold earrings.

    The MX7 features a robust transmit circuit compared to other models in its price range, and is capable of extreme depths on coin-sized objects. As a relic-recovery device the included Reject Volume can easily identify iron patches as well as help unmask very deep or hidden targets in stubborn sites.

    A high-powered onboard speaker, rear-mounted 1/4″ headphone jack, and large, backlit display complete the design, complimented by the high-visibility black and orange color scheme. IP 54 rated – Dust and water-resistant

    • IP 54 Rating. Dust and water resistant • Lightweight and balanced – just 3.5 lbs.
    • Six Adjustable Hunt Programs
    • Fast Recovery Speed
    • Reject Volume
    • Salt Track
    • Tone ID
    • Auto Ground Balance with Tracking
    • Frequency Offset
    • 9.5” Concentric Waterproof Sport Coil

    $549.90 Price (USA)

  • Did anybody else notice in the video the MX7 identified the ring incorrectly when it was up close to the coil and only properly identified it when it got out to about a foot away.

  • It would be nice if they would put camouflage on the mx7 even the MX Sports put camouflage on it

    • U a moron, something ?? at least they made a brighter color for more than one reason, instead of always fkg, BLK. Must be a zog.

  • Whites MX7 – Quick Start:

  • Whites MX7 – Full Options Rundown:

  • I want to see the new Whites Hybrid Half Sine wave machine! Not this entry level stuff!

  • NEW 2018… Pink White’s MX7. How about blue White’s MX7?

  • Really Like. I have one with 15×12 detech. Incredible deep, stability on VDI and on small object. Better ground balance.

  • Just don’t get it,, I have mx-7. Nice unit for my needs,, especially for cost. U guys kicking sand on this” he’ll may u loud mouth no it all nothings … should try it against some upscaled machine & then u won’t be tough guy, .so maybe ur boy friend will buy u a … AT.or something else!!? ?‍☠️?

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