Fisher F75 price slumped

Do you believe that the price may be reduced on holidays? While you are believing, others are making money. The price of Fisher F75 metal detector has slumped (in honor of the holiday).


As the manufacturer explains, in 2016 FisherLab celebrates 85 years. For such an occasion, they are bringing joy to treasure hunters through the special price for the Fisher F75 – $649 (Gold Edition).

Two years ago, Garrett also celebrated its anniversary. So what? There weren’t any reduced prices. Every month they gave away metal detectors and pinpointers. Why has FisherLab decided to reduce the price in the middle of the year? And why only for one model? What will sellers do with old stocks of the F75 bought at an old price?

There is an assumption that the holiday has nothing to do with it… Either it’s competition that has made FisherLab reduce the cost of the F75, or they are preparing a place for their new machines (commenters say FisherLab is going to launch new detectors in August).

All about the Fisher F75 metal detector is collected here (news, comparisons, photos, videos), and on Knowledgebase pages (specs, features, search coils).

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  • That means the F 75’s without dst aren’t selling very well. Same thing Makro did when the Racer 2 debuted. People quit buying the Red Racer.

    There is probably also an element of ‘dump some stock’ to make way for a new detector debut.

    • What if the new metal detector from Fisher will be worse than old one?

      • Worse than what ? Fisher doesn’t make a bad detector.

      • it will be some machine if it beats the f75, what a superb machine that is/was

      • Racer 2 is improved version of Fisher F75 so it beats Fisher F75
        The problem is if Fisher CZX will beat them all?

  • Not as deep as the f75 E.T. try it..;-) and an improved version? are you saying its copied?lol

    • Not copied! Completely reworked version of Fisher F75!
      Faster and deeper! More powerful CPU!
      The job was done by First Texas itself!
      (Turks just invested their money successfully!)

      • so basically the turks looked at a f75, checked it out and re-worked it? why cant they produce their own from scratch? and the tests ive seen the f75 is actually deeper and more stable on targets

      • Turks are nation of traders.
        They are very rich.
        They took a heap of money and put it into R&D
        that was made for them by First Texas (read – Fisher/
        Teknetics/Bounty Hunter).
        Fisher can not make metal detector worse than Fisher F75,
        it can make much better metal detector so the Fisher team
        made first Racer 1, second Racer 2, later Racer 3 will be made!
        Racer 2 is head above Fisher F75!

  • Then the turks need to spend their richness on proper research and development rather than copying others…;-) only then will they be classed in a serious manner..

  • Turks spent their unusual richness properly!
    They never heared about any ” research or development”,
    so they simply hired american engineers to do the job!
    And the job was done well directly proportional to payment!

  • _ ?mulation Fisher F75 } TesoroLobo/Easy Gold =

    F75 setting :
    coil : 25X14 concentric elliptic (F70 coil)
    disc : 10
    process : JE
    of tones # : 1F

    be is fantastik … for micro-jewelry and micro-target !! …. Go !

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