Fisher F11 review. Good and bad

Are you waiting for a miracle from a cheap metal detector? Continue waiting, it will not happen today. Here’s all about the Fisher F11: good and bad. A usual entry level metal detector, with a small coil and wrong power supply.


Since the appearance of the Fisher F11, the world of treasure hunters has not seen anything new: the classical S-shaped shaft, search coil, control box with screen and controls, armrest.

The Fisher F11 handgrip is one of the simplest (the only thing simpler is bare metal, with no coating). The problem with such handles is that, with lapse of time, the foam starts spinning on the shaft. Practice will show how firmly Fisher glued the foam grip to it.


Why don’t manufacturers still equip their metal detectors with flexible armrests? Firstly, these ones don’t break down. Secondly, they hold your arm in such a way that you do not need any fixing straps. It appears that these are things the manufacturers don’t need, so the detectorists will go on hunting with simple plastic armrests.


There is a secret hidden in the Fisher F11 armrest. Pay attention to its lower part: if you have the armrest broken while searching, turn it upside down, and you will be able to continue your hunt.

The Fisher F11 shaft can be disassembled into three parts: the lower, middle, and upper part. The shaft connections additionally have the locking collars (say hello to the Garrett ACE and White’s TreasureMaster).


The Fisher F11 is powered by a 9V battery… When I see the metal detector with such power supply, it seems I’m stuck with the machine from the ’90s. The standard for modern detectors is AA batteries. It’s good if there are 4 of them. Better still when the device requires only 2 ‘AA’ (Fisher F22-F44, White’s TreasureMaster, White’s TreasurePRO).



Metal detector manufacturers very often say that treasure hunters are involved in the development of new machines… I wonder who advises them to make a headphone jack on the side of the housing? And on the left side yet. Most hunters carry the detector in their right hand, so the cable must go along the arm (but not hang loose in the air).


A jack socket located on the side of the control box is worse than a socket on the back of it. If the detector lurches to one side, it leans on the jack plug. Furthermore, the headphone plug sticking up on the side hinders movement while hunting in thickets.

The Fisher F11 has a real advantage – a large screen. However, this screen contains not much information: discrimination scale (large numbers at the top), depth indicator, the user’s chosen mode, battery level indicator.


Even though the screen is large, it fades in direct sunlight.


The Fisher F11 discrimination scale has 9 segments (9 groups of metals). There is a user-defined custom mode, segments 1-5 can be rejected.

There is pinpoint mode, sensitivity adjustment, preset search programs, volume control.

The volume control is also a real advantage for the F11. Let’s say the F11 wants to compete with the Garrett ACE… Do you know how many Garrett ACE users are taken aback by the fact that their machine has no volume control? I myself started from the ACE 250 and tried to add the volume control to my detector by myself.

I don’t like the Fisher F11 controls. And the ‘+’/’-‘ buttons in particular… Try to press them when wearing thick gloves.

For its F11, Fisher has made a new coil… And what’s new in it? A simple 8-inch round coil. The type: Mono. It provides not great detection depth. There is no special super-sensitivity.


Such kind of coil is probably necessary for a beginner. But if you are going to immerse yourself in the world of treasure hunting slightly deeper than a childish level, this coil won’t be enough. You do know, don’t you? Another coil will cost half the price of the F11.


Surely Fisher, with its new products, wanted to undermine the legendary Garrett ACE’s positions (the game ‘Garrett ACE killers’ continues)… But meanwhile, there isn’t a queue waiting for the new F11 machines. Want to know about the good and bad of another novelty – Fisher F44?

All about the Fisher F11 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Fisher F11. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

4 Responses to Fisher F11 review. Good and bad

  • The f11 found a CS belt buckle at 6 inches and an 1881 5 dollar gold coin at 5 inches so maybe its the user and not the detector

    • Definitely the flopperater.
      I have found 43 mercury dimes
      45 silver nickel, wheat Penny’s, 50,s and 60,s coins, Mason jar full of all types of coins. So yes it is the operator.
      The Fisher F11 is a fantastic detector .

  • Great detector, many coins silver and others. I would recommend Fisher detectors to anyone wanting a rugged machine.

  • Fisher f11 got me two Morgan dollars 1878 and 1903

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