Searchcoil problems. What should be checked through the list

When you come to a hunting spot and discover the problems with your metal detector, it’s a sad thing… Such problems are of two kinds – a control box and a search coil. Here’s the list of how to determine what the problem is.

1. The metal detector or not


Whatever problem with the metal detector you’re having, start with replacing the batteries. For example, discharged batteries in the Garrett ACE or Garrett AT PRO cause the detector’s response to become erratic (although the battery icon on the screen still has one segment left).

After replacing the batteries, the next step is to restore your metal detector to the factory settings. If your coil has a cover, remove it. Exclude the effects of external interference: a cell phone, power lines, other detectors, etc.

If the problem continues, then that’s the metal detector.

2. The search coil or control box


Where is the problem: in the search coil or in the detector’s control box? This can be checked by replacing the coil. If another one operates normally, then your metal detector’s control box is intact, and the problem lies in the coil.

By the way, you don’t necessarily need the same coil as yours. You need to check the control box, so any coil suitable for this detector will do instead.

I know that many hunters have nowhere to take another coil. In such cases I usually did the following thing… I came to the metal detector store with my control box. As if I chose a new search coil for myself and wanted to check how it works before buying.

At this stage you already know where the problem is – either it’s the coil or control box.

3. Factors contributing to the problems


If your coil has a cover, you must remove it. There often is an accumulation of moisture and dirt under the cover. This is particularly true with regard to hunting at the salt water beach. I was surprised by the amount of sand getting inside the cover (saltsand under the cover is a bit of surprise).

There are often factors contributing to the metal detector problems. If you can see them, you will solve the problem faster and easier.

For example, you are hunting in a heatwave and have problems after an hour of searching – the coil warms up, wire windings lose their attachment capabilities and start wobbling inside the coil – as a result, you have false responses.

Or you are searching on the ground amongst grass covered with dew. After 30 minutes of searching you have false responses. Chances are your coil isn’t leak proof, and moisture has got inside it.

4. What problems can the searchcoil have


Metal detector coil problems may be 4 points-related: a connector, a cable, a cable entry point, and the coil itself.
There are times when the problem “lies on the surface”, so it’s easy to discover where it is. For this purpose you need to pull the connector, fold the cable, or move this one near the entry point. But there are always worse cases…

Sudden loss of depth. The coil detects targets at a very shallow depth only. For example, up to 5 centimeters for a large target. This is an indication that the coil has a broken wire inside it. Seek the point where it may be (the connector, cable, or cable entry point).

The coil doesn’t detect silver or large copper objects. The coil isn’t tuned (or is defective). Note that it may occur in certain settings – e.g., frequency shift when tuning out interference.

False responses when you shake the coil in the air. It may be both the cable and loss of wire attachment points inside the coil. In this case, I would try to knock on the coil, herewith trying to keep the cable fixed. If it’s the cable, the repair is simpler. If wire windings aren’t attached inside the coil (e.g., have become dislodged because of a side impact, or softened when heated), then you cannot do without opening the coil.

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  • I bought some dodgy copy of a Garrett Ace 250, known as a Raider MD-6250. Listed as faulty it was actually completely well behaved when I tested it for a few hours in the house. Next day it was just randomly beeping and flashing up finds in mid air, totally unstable. There are quite a few videos on You Tube showing this phenomena but no conclusive solution. Well I got an oscilloscope onto mine today and think I’ve located a faulty chip. This 30p part may be the cause of my and other failures.

    • As I heared some Garrett Ace 150/250 had problem with MC14016 chip.
      Why do they use this chip I don’t understand. I prefer CD4066/HEF4066
      and in some cases 74HC4066 they are available in both DIP-14 and SO-14
      package. MC14066 chip is very sensitive to ESD.

    • was it really that defect? My love is very sensitive and sometimes

  • My go find 60 goes I and off every 5 seconds. Checked evrtyyhi g in the controlbox but nothing wrong. Wsranyee expired so what to do? Just open the coil?

  • I came into possession of a Detech 8×6 SEF Pro coil for an EDS Winner detector. Would this coil work on a White’s MXT Tracker E-Series detector? I believe the frequency for the EDS Winner is somewhere around 28khz. New to the sport so looking to get educated. Would there be any problems if I tried to use the coil on the MXT to see if it would work? Thanks.

  • Hi
    I have a Garrt ACE 250
    Problem with volume, can’t hear any sound after pressing power. Need help
    Best regards
    Inger Isaksson Sweden

  • I need to try and fix makro gold racer coil wire it’s cut right at the connection to the box can I add about 5 inches of wire and new connector

  • Garret 150 Ace. The beeping noise has changed – erratic. This beeping when sweeping for metal has different tones and goes off with metal not been present. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Hello,
    I have a 2013 model Garrett Ace 250 that has presented a lot of frustrations since fairly new. It often gave false readings just sweeping through grass, sitting at rest, or held in the air. Now, it signals continually every few seconds just at rest. I’ve factory reset it, checked the coil connections, and replaced batteries. No change. I’m not sure where to start looking to fix it. Garrett told me it is $40 to send it in plus parts if needed. Not sure it’s worth sinking money into and regret buying it at all.

  • I have a Whites DFX and it is constantly showing and sounding a hit and will not stop unless I shut it off. It is set on a preset program so I haven’t messed with any settings and the areas I’m searching haven’t changed. It is showing/sounding a hit even if I lift the coil in the air. Can someone help. Thanks!

  • I have a ranger metal detector that worked fine the last time I used it started ii up again now it comes on but all the controls are frozen when I plug the batteries in it makes the proper sound but I can not turn it off or change any settings have changed batteries does any one know what could be wrong?

  • I did a hard reset on my Garret 150 by turning the unit on and holding the power button for 5 sec. but did not fix my issue. Issue is… my unit powers on all functions on screen work but no beeping other than initial start up beeps.

  • Why when I put new batteries in the battery compartment the battery indicate still reads low.

  • I have a Garrett at max it turns on but there is no sound when I’m detecting it beeps when i go thru menu settings but nothing when detecting when i pinpoint it even makes some sound it it not right though help please I’ve tried resetting it with no luck

  • I have an at max it wont make any sound when detecting it makes all the sounds when going thru the menu but not when detecting I’ve already tried resetting it with no luck

  • Problema equinox 800 ,já troquei a bobina e continua com defeito código cd oq devo fazer

  • My Garrett AT pro is acting very erratic. The signal is jumping all over the place. I’ve tried multiple locations with the same result. The only way to calm it down is to turn the sensitivity all the way down. I replaced the batteries, changed the coil, and reset it multiple times. It’s also hard to turn off. Any suggestions would be awesome.

    • Early version of Garrett AT Pro had a problem of erratic operation. The only
      way to calm it down is to replace the PCB.

    • Hi Michael, did you get to the bottom of this problem as my AT Pro has developed the same fault.

  • I got a vanquish 540 And I get the “Cd” coil disconnect symbol every time I cut the machine on and the coil is definitely plugged in right and I don’t see any visible damage… I’ve done every troubleshoot method I can find, and nothing is working! The machine won’t even let me factory reset! Help me please!! I can’t go buy a new one because I am in a foreign country right now!

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