Fisher F-Pulse Depth Test. Most powerful pinpointer

No matter you want it or not, but pinpointers have increasingly greater depth capabilities. The joke about the probe that can surpass some low-cost metal detector equipped with a 7-8 inch coil is not a joke anymore, but a reality. And above all, when they tried to increase the pinpointer’s detection depth before, it resulted in lots of false signals, hence turning the device from a helpful tool into the one that is a pain. But now, some metal detector manufacturers have got an increased depth and stable operation provided at the same time. Here’s a Fisher F-Pulse depth test. Do you find this depth good?

For those who don’t want to watch the video (apart from the test, at the end of the video there is a quick test of the unit’s detection portion and sensitivity adjustment by quick pressing the button), here’s a table showing the depth/results:

Fisher F-Pulse Depth Test. Most powerful pinpointer

What do you think of this depth? I can’t remember any other probe that could pick up a silver tiny coin of Ivan the Terrible at a 6 cm depth. Those who have the Garrett ACE 250 with a stock coil can try to perform a test with such a small coin as an experiment.

All about the Fisher F-Pulse is collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information on this pinpointer (specs, features, and much more). Happy Hunting to everyone!

4 Responses to Fisher F-Pulse Depth Test. Most powerful pinpointer

  • Great depth but i rather prefer the MI6…Integrated with the detector, discrimination, adjustable sensitivity (great depth too BTW)·…

  • That is easily the worst pinpointer I had ever purchased. Or perhaps a decent but very expensive paperweight after its 4rth time used. They should have recalled them as they ripped off so many of us on it. I will always avoid the Fisher brand from now on. Never again for them.

  • I fixed my F-pulse. They leak through the light windows o-ring. On mine they did not solder a coil wire down, it was held by hot glue they use so they don’t pull the wires out on assembly. I never really had gotten a chance to use it since it falsed intermittently from the get go. I used it on a shallow water hunt, ended up taking the batteries out and storing it, then it just wouldn’t find metal at all after that. It did take on water through the light window. It seemed deep when I had tested and played with it before the first outing. Now that it is working I can say it is pretty deep. Mine only gets 3 inches air on a quarter. Some people had claimed greater depths. The whites is perhaps deeper. I picked up a couple cheapo chinese pinpointers and was surprised that I can almost match the depth with one that I would never actually use as it was advertised for diving but you could see that it would take in water just from leaving it out in the rain but it almost hit a quarter at the same air test depth as the f pulse. That is a big stupid pinpointer with a LCD and cat like chinese mythical creature on the handle. They also have it with a 4′ coil. Don’t get it. Got a couple that were Amazon returns, don’t get it….Anyway the F puse is not the worst pinpointer if it is working but never Fisher or anything first Texas for me to use personally again. Never heard back from them on several emails…..

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