XP Detectors amazing fake. Photo

XP Metal Detectors is short of a pinpointer in its assortment, isn’t it? And it is high time for the XP Deus – super top of the line – to have a color screen and underwater search allowed. To this one must add a super XP bracelet with its own screen and control panel.






Pink XP Deus (fake too)



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3 Responses to XP Detectors amazing fake. Photo

  • The pinpointer borders upon truth the most. But alas, this is also a fake. The Czechs have been just kidding and have drawn these pictures. But it is impressive.

    I often repeated if the manufacturer was slow on new products, then the Chinese would release them instead of it. And now the ordinary users are drawing designs of the future new products… Yeah, it is obviously time for XP to roll out its own pinpointer and the depth accessory; the fans have been tired of waiting.

  • New 2016: XP Pnpointer & XP Deus deep nozzle (not fake) http://md-hunter.com/xp-deus-deep-nozzle-and-xp-pinpointer-new-2016/

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