A 15-inch coil: recovery speed test (surprised me). Video

I always considered large coils to be incapable of separating the closely spaced targets. Such coil must respond to several targets at once, mustn’t it? I checked this with a 15-inch coil… Watch the video.

The fact itself surprised me: how the 15-inch is capable of separating these targets so accurately. Now I can understand those hunters who use exclusively large coils (as universal ones, for everyday use).

In my test: the Garrett AT PRO metal detector (PRO mode) and MarsMD Goliath coil (15 inches, DD).

One Response to A 15-inch coil: recovery speed test (surprised me). Video

  • Usually when a Hunter chooses a large coil for himself, he anticipates increase in depth. And so it is: a large coil provides greater depth.

    But not only depth do I see in large coil. With such a coil, the overall search speed is increasing. This coil’s detection envelope is larger than that of standard one and gives the wider area of coverage in one sweep.

    I often reconnoiter a new hunting site with such a coil. If the finds appear within 45-60 minutes of searching, I continue hunting. If there are no finds, I change the hunting site.

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