Nokta AU Gold Finder. NEW 2016

Nokta is creating a new metal detector – Nokta AU Gold Finder. Nobody is aware of it yet. Want to have a look at first photos of this gold machine? See: here’s the future novelty 2016, Nokta AU Gold Finder.


It is certain that the Nokta AU Gold Finder will be an analog metal detector, which includes a 56 kHz frequency and is equipped with a Nokta 10 DD coil (10×5.5 inches – the Makro Gold Racer, another new product, has the same coil).


The Nokta AU Gold Finder’s key feature is a combination of analog signal processing and a mega ground balance. Plus, additional filtration (and discrimination).



56 kHz (Very sensitive to tiniest nuggets!)
All Terrain
Weather Resistant
3 Search Modes (ALL METAL/ DISC.1 FAST / DISC. 2 DEEP)
Auto & Manual Ground Balance
Ground Tracking
Discrimination LEDs
iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold)
iMASK (Intelligent Masking)
Audio Boost
Includes 26cm x 14cm (10″ x 5.5″) & 13cm (5”) Waterproof DD Search Coils
Lightweight & Ergonomic
Detachable System Box (You can wear it around the neck or attach it to your belt)
Long Battery Life

When finding a coin, what do you do with it first? I rub it against my glove. And do you know what some treasure hunters do when finding a gold nugget? They put it into the mouth!

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