Minelab’s new patent. A detector with magnetic field

Minelab has concluded the registration of a patent in which a metal detector with magnetic field generator is described. The patent promises a revolution in the field of metal detector discrimination. So let’s wait for the new product 2018, shall we?



They started in 2014, obtained the patent in 2016, and… probably in the next 2 years or so, we’ll see the result. This is how metal detectors of the future are created. The NEW 2018 category is open. All about Minelab is collected here.

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6 Responses to Minelab’s new patent. A detector with magnetic field

    • minelab came out with multi frequency giving the detector more depth and full pick of the coil length not just a tiny spot in the middle

  • Technically beyond me but if it does some good eg more depth and clearer discrimination then I’m all for it. Great to know that the clever guys are thinking out of the box and working for Minelab.

  • are you all that stupid ? Its called continuous wave its been out over a year now, i’ve found over 4 lbs of gold with it, oh yeah its called a GPZ700..

  • this technology is exciting new, will open up the gold fields of australia all over gain, talking over from the gpz 7000 machine

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