Minelab PRO-SONIC wireless headphones. NEW 2017 (+)

Minelab is preparing a new product 2017 – Minelab PRO-SONIC wireless headphones. Versatile, for any metal detector. Work on a ‘from transmitter to receiver with wired headphones’ principle. Is that the novelty you are expecting from Minelab?

As explained by the manufacturer (this new product hasn’t gone on sale yet), a Minelab PRO-SONIC adapter transmits a clear and fast audio signal using advanced wireless technologies. This will make it very easy for you to adjust the sound without tangled headphone cables.


Note that a Minelab PRO-SONIC wireless adapter has a built-in speaker and a 6.35 headphone socket. According to the manufacturer, the headphones should now be plugged not into the detector’s control box, but into the PRO-SONIC module. The latter itself can be attached to clothing using a special clip or by placing it into a breast pocket. A transmitting module is mounted on your metal detector (and is plugged into the headphone socket).

Minelab PRO-SONIC features:

  • Fits most detector models from the Minelab range (and even some other brand machines)… The manufacturer is joking in such a manner ))
  • Use of headpnones or built-in speaker.
  • Volume can be adjusted right on the receiver.
  • The longest sensing distance up to 10 meters.
  • Comes supplied with Minelab SDC 2300, a headphone jack adapter.
  • USB charger, 220V AC & 12V car chargers.

  SpecificationTransmit ModuleReceive Module
  Radio frequency range2.402 – 2.480 Ghz
  Wireless range≤10 metres / 32 feet
  Operating time10 hours16 hours
  Stand-by time50 days100 days
  RF transmission power0 – +8dBm
  Audio amplifier power3 W
  Audio distortion<1% @ 1 kHz
  Response time<50 ms
  Volume adjustment7 levels
2″ × 1.38″ × 0.63″
4.29″ × 2.44″ × 0.89″
  Weight23 g / 0.8 oz110 g / 3.8 oz

Let me remind you: exactly the same novelty (wireless headphones for all metal detectors) has recently been announced by Garrett – Garrett Z-Lynk. This new product closely resembles another one – the Deteknix wireless headphones. So, that’s how the manufacturers live ))

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6 Responses to Minelab PRO-SONIC wireless headphones. NEW 2017 (+)

  • It will probably have twice the battery life for thrice the price and four times as bulky as the competitors.
    No thanks

  • I hope they will release it soon, not in the end of 2017 :). I need it for e-trac… But I expect horrible price as JT wrote…

  • The Garrett Z-Lynk is listed on their site for $149.95. However, the way they have it listed shows that the unit comes with the set-up for a 1/4 inch plug. The set-up for the AT-Pro/ AT-Gold is listed as an accessory for $19.95. It sure would be nice if these items were available for Christmas.

  • Of course it will be expensive, this is Minelab we are talking about lol :D .
    Minelab continues to sink to the abyss.
    2017 will be a sad year for them.

  • “…Comes supplied with Minelab SDC 2300, a headphone jack adapter….”

    Crap, if it really comes with a SDC 2300, you can put me down for a couple even if the price reaches $500!

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