Fisher is making a smart metal detector. New 2017

Fisher has promised to make 15 (!) new detectors. And a smart metal detector must be atop… Any competitor must lose sleep over these words (or smile?).

Do you remember a picture where the metal detector of the future immediately indicated the type of a find, its condition and estimated cost? Well, Fisher is going to make such a machine.


I’ve heard Fisher give a speech… We are making a smart metal detector that will search all by itself (without control on the part of a hunter) and show a picture of a find before it is dug up. In a perfect world, it will also estimate the condition of the find. The price for this metal detector will be up to $2000. In order to make such a smart machine, we have planned to release 15 new models, each of which will be a step towards our goal… Let’s start with two new products of 2016 2016: the Fisher Mosca and the Fisher CZX metal detectors.

Fisher Mosca


Here’s the Fisher Mosca metal detector, the manufacturer promises we’ll see it in 2016 2017. First off, it will be a multi-frequency device, but it’s just in word. The specification points out that it has 2 frequencies with a certain ratio. Having been asked a question “two or multiple frequency?” Fisher representatives hesitated… And finally announced that it would be definitely a multi-frequency machine with the ability to simultaneously operate over the entire frequency range.

In addition, the Fisher Mosca is an amphibian metal detector for ground and underwater (up to 3 meters) search. Wireless and/or (they couldn’t say for sure) underwater headphones. And what has this detector got that the Minelab CTX 3030 hasn’t? The latter has all this right now.

Fisher CZX


The Fisher CZX metal detector is also expected in 2016 2016. It is announced as a special device to search for gold in any soil type (it has been specified that it can easily see through both red and black sand). The main peculiarity of the Fisher CZX will be the absence of adjustments for a hunter. The detector itself will tune all things out and choose the best parameters for a current search.

An auto search through all settings? And discrimination? Is Fisher better than Minelab? It seems to me that Minelab is higher than Fisher in terms of technology (if it were not so, we would know about it). As for the existing technologies of top metal detectors (for example, the Minelab CTX 3030), automatic tuning is of low efficiency in practical search. Maybe Fisher means just searching for gold. But there is also nothing to do here without manual adjustment (the way I look).

Here are the screenshots from the last Fisher presentation for sellers. To my mind, Fisher does embellish its potential. On the other hand, what else could it say?

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53 Responses to Fisher is making a smart metal detector. New 2017

  • Don’t you have a feeling that you already know the name of CZX? Is it all really so simple for 1st Texas that they can take consonant names of the already existing metal detectors? A small coincidence: the existing models have been also designed to search for gold and also qualify for the level of a smart metal detector.

  • If you look attentively at the announced specifications of future new products, you may think Fisher decided to fight off its competitor (Minelab) from inside…

    The metal detector operating at 2 frequencies with a 7:1 ratio already exists – it’s the Minelab Sovereign GT; as well as with a 9:1 ratio – these are the Minelab Safari/Explorer/E-Trac.

    Maybe Fisher decided to tease Minelab in such a way? The difference between FBS and CZ technologies is very small. Add X (eXtended) and be ready for patent courts ))

  • What most don’t know is that Minelab and Fisher , All are affiliated with each other. Gary Storm put Minelab on the map with his Excalibur for Minelab. So When in doubt purchaseing a Detectorpro unit like the new underwater. Gary made it happen.

    His works with Fisher and Minelab both so he’s the man behind the mask.

  • Minelab and Fisher are only connected in that they bith build metal detectors. No cooperation.

    Gary Storm is a great guy but is in no way connected with any of this – even if this is for real, which it may or may not be.

  • I don’t buy it. Even if First Texas has the best engineers from Fisher and Teknetics working on a machine of this caliber, I don’t believe they can pull it off. Even if the technology is there, I don’t have enough faith or confidence in First Texas to believe they can do it. Prove me wrong – I’ll be happy to spend my money on a couple of these. Until I see some proof, however, call me “Doubting Thomas”.

    • First texas builds crap and when they bought out fisher i knew the fisher detectors were gonna become bounty hunter lookalikes

  • The CZX will be a interesting detector for nugget detectorists. I have been looking for something more modern to replace my aging Gold Bug 2 with, maybe this CZX will be the one.

  • It’s now May 2016 & still no news on these detectors.
    I somehow don’ t believe that will ever see them for sale.

  • No one is going to believe you ever again Fisher after this your full of Bull.

  • Good things take time.

    When it comes, it will “wash away” much of the existing marketplace and these machines will be full of features which make “cloning” very difficult.

    • yes and it will give other brands no other option other than to make their own instead of copying, get into their on R&D will either make or break them…

  • fisher want a detected “fly”

  • It is October 15 and nothing

  • It is October 28th and nothing .

  • According to this guys video, the new high end Fishers are (finally) getting released in 2017….when in 2017…if ever…is anyone’s guess!

    How Fisher and Teknetics metal detectors are made. Video

  • Kellyco and Big Boys Hobbies have dropped their price down to $799.00 on the fisher f75 ltd with DST. This must be a sign of something new coming out.

  • Fisher better hurry up on the CZX nugget detector, Minelab has just announced the Monster 1000 VLF fully automatic nugget machine, comes to the public in April. I saw one close up at GPAA Gold Show in Pleasanton. They were not demo’ing the machine but was able to handle it, read the box, etc. The Monster 1000 sounds very similar to the CZX fisher has promised. The CZX may have quite a bit more new technology than the 1000, have to wait and see.

  • Still a hoax…

  • I don’t think the CZX is any hoax, there has been rumors of a certain person testing this exact machine a few months back.

  • What they are talking about is using stock pics in a library and the detector estimates what it may be looking at and selects best pic from library. A machine that actually “sees” and images will have to be like Russia’s black-box Yakovlev which uses hybrid of ultrasound and FTIR spectroscopy. I don’t think the software to do this can ever be developed by the private MD sector.

    • Failed to mention the sonogram and the FTIR get married to a Yak conventional portable ultralow-field magnetic resonance imager….which by itself can determine the date on a dime at 26 inches… but with the marriage this can be done when the dime is tails up.

  • Fisher made great detectors but after having my top unit stolen I contacted Fisher and was told I could not buy a replacement head unit . So…..I would be silly to buy another Fisher.Such a shame .

  • Breaking news: Mosca detector due to realeased next month make all other detectors Obsolete.

    • Hope you are right, I can’t believe it has taken them this long. I guess it’s better to have it right the first time, before they sell it.

  • I started in 70’s with Compass the best and then went over to fisher I like fisher but I think a detector that tells you everything would take the fun out of the find.

  • What is new ? Nothing to add to this 2016 post?!

  • Am I the only one who likes to actually dig in excitement of what I might find ? What next , a robotic arm to dig the hole too

    • I’m with you ….

      • No, no! 2022 is too optimistic! I think 2222 is a “correct date” of release!
        P.S. Lvovich from AKA company has the same problems with his
        AKA Intronik – STF metal detector. Lvovich is trying to make MD Intronik
        since 2011 and the project is still on the stage of experiments!

  • If the machines cordless how does it work underwater?

  • What’s a matter, First Texas Products can’t release a new high end metal detector for Christmas 2017

  • I gotta’ have One !!!!!
    I gotta have One !!!!.
    As a Fisher Detector addict , I gotta have One !!!!!!

  • I think most people have given up and bought the Equinox

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