Nokta Simplex

Nokta Simplex metal detector
  • Model Features

    • Manufacturer: Nokta (Turkey)
    • Model: Simplex
    • Year: 2019
    • Type: ground and underwater detector
    • Rating (owner reviews): 
    • Display: Yes
    • Technology: VLF
    • Frequency: 12 kHz
    • VDI / Numerical Target-ID: Yes
    • Manual ground balance: No
    • Automatic ground balance: No
    • Noise cancel: Yes
    • Sound, tones: Multi
    • Adjusting the volume: Yes
    • Pinpoint: Yes
    • Using headphones: Yes
    • Search coil: Makro 11 DD (NS28 DD)
  • Parameters

    • Batteries: Accumulator
    • Weight: 1,3 kg
    • Length (min/max): 120-140 cm

5 Responses to Nokta Simplex

  • It would be to a great advantage if you would consider making a 9″ coil also and give the buyer a choice so it will lessen the weight, some of us users are older people and tire out swinging too much.

  • Super le semplex je remercie nokta pour avoir donné au détecteur le nom que je leur ai fait part 👍

  • BHI when can you buy the nokta samplx

  • What’s taking so long to getting this machine to be ready for sale???

    • The “marketing games” stop it from “coming into existence”.
      If Nokta SimplEX (read: ComplEX) is going to be “bad device”
      nobody will buy it. If Simplex (ComplEX) is going to be “too good
      device” nobody will buy Anfibio/Kukuruzer any more. The turks
      can not find “balance” between these two “posibilities”.

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