Nokta SimplEX detector (price $299). NEW 2019

Makro, the Turkish manufacturer, has announced a novelty 2019 – a new cheap Makro Simplex machine. The price starts at $200, and… this device will be able to search both on land and underwater. Awesome! The metal detecting world has never seen such a low-priced amphibious unit. However, there is one catch.

Nokta SimplEX detector (price starting at $200). NEW 2019

It was at Detectival 2018, the UK metal detecting rally, when Makro-Nokta’s representative Dilek Gonulay declared a new product – the Makro Simplex (maybe it will be the Nokta Simplex, or even the two clones under two different brand names).

According to Dilek, the new machine will enter the low-cost and very low-cost detector segment. The starting price for the Nokta Simplex is $200. There will be different configuration and features options as well, so the unit price may reach $400. Although the $250 price tag will probably be the most attractive.

What will the Nokta Simplex surprise us with? Well, it’s a really easy to operate device. This is the case when you just turn it on and you are ready to go metal detecting. With that, the Nokta Simplex has the minimum set of all features that are necessary while searching for decent finds. An option – the second machine for a professional user – is also included in the Nokta Simplex ration.

The main feature of the Nokta Simplex is definitely to enhance your metal detecting possibilities through underwater searching. Thus, apart from its ground search ability, the Nokta Simplex can be submerged in water up to 3 meters. Plus, the detector can be connected to the wireless headphones.

The Nokta Simplex comes with a DD search coil. Launch schedule: early 2019. It is worth noting that the first info about the Turkish-made novelty appeared in spring 2018. But the device shown as a prototype (it wasn’t operational, by the way) turned out to be a model that looks nothing like the final version. Everything is different including the shaft and search coil.


Nokta| Makro: A compact detector, fully waterproof submersible up to 3 meters (10ft.), with built- in wireless, retractable shaft (25″), only 2.9 lbs, 4 search modes including a beach mode, no GB required, with LED flashlight, with vibration, with frequency shift, backlight, lighted keypad, notch disc, iron volume, very easy-to-use, updateable, with built-in lipo battery, with 11″ DD coil, offering depth of a hi-end detector for $299.

Nokta SimplEX detector (price $299). NEW 2019

How about GB? Nokta| Makro: No, it has nothing to do with the price…we wanted to make it a very easy to use, turn on and go detector. The ground balancing is auto tracking.
However, if the majority of customers demand a GB function to be added (after using the device) it can be done. easily

Nokta| Makro: Not much other than it is in the works… I went through literally a few thousand names. I personally picked my 3 favorites. If we announce the name now, people may be misled thinking we will release it soon so we will keep it to ourselves until we are close to launching the product itself. Thank you for your understanding,

Nokta SimplEX detector (price $299). NEW 2019


All about the Nokta Simplex is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Nokta Simplex. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

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  • Buongiorno quando lo trover? sul mercato NOKTA SIMPLEX GRAZIE

  • Cant wait to see how it works. Love to get a test machine

    • Don’t be over-optimistic! This “machine” is going to be a toy for kids!

      • Now the price is announced – $300, so this “machine” is not
        going to be a toy for kids! It is going to be a toy for their fathers!

  • What a gorgeous machine!

  • So when will these new metal detectors be available? Will this top machine be multi frequency like the equinox or just several single frequencies to choose from?

    • SimplEX is low-end metal detector it will never be “multy-frequency”!
      Cheap single-frequency machine for kids and beginners.

      • Another idiotic reply from a pissed-off ‘Gucci’ detectorist who paid a fortune for a machine and is slowly realising that the Simplex can do as much and in many cases more. I have owned one since Jan 2020 and have already found over ?150 plus numerous older coins including hammered. It is a top end detector at a low end price, nothing more, look at the sales figures.

      • Have you tried one for kids yet? This detector is not a toy I went over areas I hunted with 700.00 to 1000 dollar detectors. the simpex found lots coins a silver 1878 dime at 11 inches a penny at 10 inches now is it still a toy ?

      • This post did not she well.

    • No machine other than minelab can use true multi frequancy, they’ve got the patent wrapped up.i think what you mean ,will it have a choice of frequancies.

      • Wrong…..Whites V3i also is a multi freq machine that shoots 3 freqs in the ground at once.

      • Is this available in the Philippines? If it is then may I know the details of the distributor?
        Many thanks!

  • Because of the price tag a lot of people consider it to be a machine for kid, it bs ! Look at the features price has nothing to do with for kid or not.
    Get ready to pay real price for a machine because with chinese marketplace alibaba express coming directly in europe , constructor will have to lower their price to survive.

  • +

  • Make them simple is easy
    But make them better thats a different story

  • Napokon nesto jeftino a kvalitetno Hvala Simplex

  • I won’t this metal detector when it come out at great prices ps let me no thank you

  • Let’s wait and see what this device can do.

  • What is the difference between simplex and anfibio?

    • The difference between these two devices is very great! Nokta Anfibio
      has a lot of functions you will never use on the other hand SimplEX
      lacks a lot of functions that you need badly! So there is very simple
      solution of the problem – buy both devices!

    • About $600

  • What’s taking so long for the release?? Maybe by Christmas?

  • Where is this machine? We are past early 2019.

  • I want this machine

  • where is this ? kindly let me know how shipping is done to Zambia . Am interested my watsup number is +260977310262

  • Can you buy the nokta samplex now

  • Hi i own one of Nokta/Makro machines for over 2 years and i like its performance on salt water beaches of Florida and the depth is untouchable with any single frequency machines made by other well known manufacturers i have used for years, i must say its one of my favorite detectors,knowing that about Nokta/Makro i would like to have the Nokta/Makro Simplex machine for testing , i am very optimistic about the product and would be very happy to own one to compare it with other machines i own and test its capability’s. Thank you Nokta /Makro team keep the good work of quality products.

  • Now they say it will be won’t be able to make it to the market until mid fall. I think it’s all fake news. Why would they make a great machine for$ 300.00 ? They wouldn’t be able to sell their other machines for 3 times the money. Think about that.

    • There was a hold up in getting the software right. That has now been sorted and the machines will ship at the end of August. You can now pre-order from most Nokta-Makro dealers.

      My guess is the Racer 2 will be dropped and the Nokta Impact. They may also drop the single frequency version of the Kruzer. That leaves a more streamlined set of options with the Simplex at the entry level, followed by the Multi Kruzer/Gold Kruzer, Anfibio and so on.

      The higher priced models will still sell as they have multiple frequencies and some more advanced features over the Simplex.

  • i ask the nokta for the simplex end they sey august is goingh to the market

    • Qual e o preco do simplex+ 200 ou 300 dolares.aguardo resposta para comprar.8

  • Is this in the UK yet ?

    • Not yet but apparently shipping at the end of August. Pre-Orders now being taken by most Nokta-Makro dealers.

  • Ol?, sou do Brasil e conhe?o os produtos Nokta. S?o vendidos aqui por um valor alto, e me preocupa o desempenho deste novo Makro Simplex pelo seu baixo custo. Compensa arriscar comprar?
    Como ele est? sendo aceito pelos usu?rios?

  • Nokta-Macro Detector products have created many, many detectors, but all of them have difficulty competing in international markets and the field, even though all Nokta-Macro products are gold detectors. The good thing is that Nokta-marko fixes itself by creating enough reliable tools such as the Minelab GPX 5000, Minelab GPZ 7000 Minelab SDC 2300 Gold Detector and the settings are clear and quick to understand with explanations that are easily understood from the existing guidelines.
    1. Anfibio Multi
    2. Anfibio 14
    3. Anfibio 19
    4. Invenio Pro
    5. Investment
    6. Multi Kruzer
    7. Kruzer
    8. TMD-101
    9. Impact
    10. Racer 2
    11. CF77 Coin Finder
    12. Gold Kruzer
    14, .Gold Racer
    13. Au Gold Finder
    14. 3D Deephunter
    15. Jeohunter 3D Dual System
    18. Jeohunter Basic System
    19. Jeotech Led System
    20. Nokta Golden King NGR Detector
    21. Nokia Fors Gold Plus
    22. Golden Sense Nokta Metal Detector
    23. Nokta FORS CoRe Detector
    23.Nokta FORS Gold Detector
    25. Golden GateE 3D Plus
    27. Nokta Velox One

    • kedzhy is taking in “very strong pills”, so don’t pay much attention to what he says.
      Nokta-Makro is ordering R&D from First Texas Product (USA). American
      electronics engineers have very good sense of humour! On Racer 1/Racer 2
      metal detectors they put a big signature – Made in the USA! When I look at
      these metal detectors I laugh like mad – well done boys! I like it!

      • What an idiotic statement. As somebody who was sponsored by both – prototype tests for both – there is zero truth in this nonsense of a post.

      • Makro Racer 1 is “improved version” of Teknetics T2.
        Makro Racer 2 is “improved version” of Fisher F75.
        I can add more “useful information” – R&D for Garrett Ace series was
        made by FTP! Fisher F75 and Garrett Ace have “the same” mistakes
        made by one and the same electronics engineer who is working
        for the First Texas Product!

  • Good God… I’m getting tired of waiting for them to get this to market!!

  • Micha? Majchrowicz
    SIMPLEX+ na pla?y


  • Hi hello i am Abdulahi
    I want to buy simplex plus mechine what is that gonna cost me

  • E.T. Reminds my of Simon on the show Detectorists.

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