Fisher Gold Bug DP

Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector

Coils for Fisher Gold Bug DP


The Fisher Gold Bug DP is a professional metal detector designed for finding gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils. It is an all-purpose device suitable for search of jewellery and coins, as well as antique and empire items. The Fisher Gold Bug DP allows you to work not only on land, but also in coastal areas or streams, with submersion of the search coil in water just up to the control box (the coil is waterproof only, the control box of the detector isn’t).


The electronic circuitry of the device is based on VLF technology. The detector operates at a 19 kHz frequency. There are two potentiometers located on the front panel of the control box. The left one is responsible for On/Off power and sensitivity level, while the right one switches the operation of the device between ALL-METAL and DISCRIMINATION modes, as well as adjusts threshold level.
The metal discrimination on the visual scale is divided into 11 segments.


There is a 7-segment signal strength indicator and in ALL-METAL mode it shows the level of ground mineralization. The screen also displays other additional functions which are helpful in search: VDI/Target ID, adjustable sensitivity, ground balancing, threshold, pinpoint mode and noise elimination. The ground balancing in the Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector is automatic, as well as the manual one is also provided. Its tuning range (with values on the right side of the screen) is 0-99. The threshold is adjusted manually and ranges from -40 to +40. A 4-tone audio response is applied for indicating a find. The detector is equipped with both a 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone jack.


The Fisher Gold Bug DP metal detector comes with the Fisher 11 DD Bi-Axial coil as standard equipment (it’s named as 11COIL-GB in the manufacturer’s catalogue). For this device there exist other coils of different sizes and parameters. The power supply of the detector is 1 ”krona” battery. The size of the device is 105-130cm (adjustable height). The weight of the Fisher Gold Bug DP (assembled) is 2.5kg.


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