Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

It doesn’t matter to Chinese what they produce, especially if you are ready to buy it. Here is, for instance, a new product 2018 – Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a… Garrett 8.5?11 DD coil. Isn’t it cute? The package also includes the Garrett locking collars and a strengthened armrest (counterfeit parts). Some hybrid fake, eh?

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

Chinese-made fake Teknetics G2 with a fake Garrett coil

For your reference: A China-made TX 850 (Tianxun) machine is a counterfeit Teknetics G2 / Fisher Gold Bug DP. Comes with an 11 DD coil (a fake Garrett 8.5?11 PROformance DD). New in 2018. The purchase price starts at $140. The ordinary retail price of the TX 850 is $170-$180.


Other info about the Teknetics G2 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons, reviews and opinions) and on Knowledgebase pages. There you can find things you should know before buying this device. The experience of others will help you save your time and money.

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  • I got one TX-850 for $200. Delivered from China in 12 days.
    It works somehow. I will make it “operation on the brain” a bit
    late to improve parameters.

  • I am Chinese, but I don’t buy it, I go to Amazon to buy it. TIANXUN is unstable.

    • I am not a Chinese and I bought it at aliexpress. I tested it at the sand beach of
      Volga river and it worked extrimely stable! First I thought that TX-850 was dead
      but it turned out to be OK. Just very stable operation nothing more. For $200
      it is not bad for example I paid $250 for my Tesoro Compadre (and improved it
      by boosting up TX) it works very stable too.

    • CHINA SB.~

    • very stable machine , even at high sensitivity

  • Guys…I realy need to know how to used it
    video in youtube not in English speaking..(:
    Anybody using this TX850 can I refer to

    • Exactly the same as Teknetics G2 absolutely no difference! (But the coil
      on TX-850 is a bit better!)

      • what a load of old tosh! they operate nothing like a G2! (Im a G2 user by the way)

      • $200 is not a big money. The original Teknetics G2 is priced around $800.
        Take Tianxun TX-850 (with “Garrett” coil) and compare it with your G2
        than you will tell us fairy tales about “difference”.

      • they do work really well, they find the small stuff really deep

      • Estas seguro??? Tengo un G2 original y es la mejor bobina que probe…en separaci?n y discriminaci?n. Le falta profundidad…pero es la unica m?quina hasta hoy que encontr? cadenas de oro en playa… Minelab equinox va mas hondo pero le falta esa sensiblidad a cadenas muy finas que el G2 ofrece…

    • Hola, puedes recomendarlo?

  • I just bought one off AliExpress, spend an hour at the beach playing around with it. I followed the setup video on YouTube for the Teknetics G2 and it works great. Value for money !

  • Hello … I’m from Indonesia, I’m a Garrett Ace user.
    in this case, I am very curious about this tx850, which uses cloned search coils from garrett products.
    My question is,.. Can this product use the search coil from the original garrett product??… especially the search coil from the Ace series ??

    • No, It can not use original Garrett coils! Only the plastic box was taken from Garrett
      the wire coil inside this box coincides with Teknetics G2 coil in inductance, resistance
      and phase adjustment.

      • oowh … okay …
        one more thing …

        means if it is combined with the original G2 search coil, can it ??

        before and after, I thank you for the information

      • I think TX-850 will work with original Teknetics G2 coil pretty well!
        Even more – TX-850 will work with any coil that works on G2!

      • please give me a recommendation for the coils that can be used for this tx850.

        And a link where I can buy it.

        Thank you

    • no they use ,all the gold bug coil etc

      • would anyone tell me if i can use this coil on the tx 850 metal detector?

  • TX850 with good function,

    but cheapest then Garrett and Teknectics.

    Made In China, Chinese products powerfull~

  • I want know tx.850 . Can find gold nugget in ground.

  • I did detect a shithole with fresh shit in it!

    • If your life is “all shit” you will find only shit! If your life is “all gold”
      you will find only gold!

      • I think i might just take a chance. Fout years ago i goy a Fisher f22 for £210 . Sadly some theif stole the control unit. The shop refused to sell me a new control box so i stopped metal detecting. Ive considerd nuying a fisher f11 so i could use my old f22 coil but im gonna take a chance on a chinese copy mainlyBECAUSE…i m sick of the lack of innovation and the monopoly position of Fisher\Technetics\ BountyHinter mixbreeds which have done more to discourage metal detecting and maintaining high retail prices. Chinese copy is a better punt than a go find66 or an f44

  • Can TX850 detect gold nuggets

    • Can Teknetics G2 detect gold nuggets
      P.S. This is not “question” this is “statement”.

      • Hi can I bring up another detector in this chat what about the tianxun tx-950 metal detector any info on coil options for this detector it runs at 7.68 kHz on I think a 11.5 x 15 DD search coil its a clone of the teknetics delta 4000 any thoughts would be appreciated thanks for your time happy detecting

    • judging by what I am finding ,yes no problem at all

  • Nekem TX 850-es g?pem van.A garett ACE 150-250 n?l sokkal jobb,f?leg a szelekt?l?sa!

  • these detectors work great I have one ,well built , if you have not got a lot of money , get one, they work as well as any detector I have used , and I have had a lot of detectors .

  • No one should be buying these fake Chinese “knock off” detectors. China is a thief of intellectual property and knowing they stole the design should be enough to keep an honest person from buying one. Teknetics should be able to sue their asses but it wont happen because the Chinese government supports theft and the stealing of other companies designs. The US government should ban the sale of them in the US and if you support this predatory Chinese companies by buying one, you’re an idiot.

    • Look at anything u buy stupid what’s the name on it the thing is we buy all there stuff put are name on it and put a bigger price tag on it and say proudly assembled in the USA not U.S.A. so whose the dumb___ ?

      • Exactly man. He’s obviously got no clothes, drives no cars, rides no bikes etc or really isn’t on the internet- just thinks he is. The very phobe/laptop/pc/monitor etc etc etc is jammed full of “fake” parts. It’s allowed. It’s called communism, er I mean capitalism, umm copyism…. umm greed yeah that’s right.

    • Blah blah blah

    • If that’s the case, then not many people would be driving a car, riding a moped or using anything electronic today.

      Better not be buying any clothes from abroad either then. Poor Chinese kids.

      This copying of a product is just another facet of a capitalistic system whether you like it or not. America and Britain have been doing it since businesses began.

      Teknetics obviously didn’t patent this machine so basically made it to be copied. Unfortunately for them, greedy corporation that they are.

      There are no lawsuits in place as far as I am aware and these machines – which are EXACTLY like the G2 btw – are still being made and sold now!

      Methinks you are a little bit miffed that your 800 dollar G2 can be bought for 100 dollars?

      Don’t worry about it man. Go and do some fishing, skating, skiing, curling or something else where the products aren’t Chinese. Well you could try anyway.

    • urr no,i like saving money

  • Got on the way I’ll let you all know what I find soon . I hear good things

  • I want to know how to ground balance the tx850

    • Picked up one for my kid to use. I have to say, this is a GREAT machine…Very smooth, surprisingly confident on deep targets for a 19hz unit. Stable ID. Good in iron with the large coil. I actually prefer it over some of my machines I paid 3x the price for. A joy to use.

    • So do i, ive just got one , i haven’t a clue what to do with it , i actually thought you just switched it on and off you go with it,…

      I would appreciate some help if anyone can

      • Read Manual for Teknetics G2. Ground Balance is very simple
        thing to do.

  • Well I have had enough of the American “COPY RIGHT” Crap. All out lives we’ve been the guinea pigs on this Planet, the poor people who have to work for a year to pay for these American rip off companies who steal their inventions from all over the World and then lock the technology up in an American invented “PATENT SYSTEM”. To hell with Yanks, it is the Americans who can’t be trusted.

    Here in Australia back in 1995 I was paying $40 for a CD, we had a total of approximately two days of music at a cost of ten years of wages. These days if I were to pay for the music mp3 I have, I’d have to be a millionaire. Meanwhile Actors and Musicians throw our money around and buy cocaine and prostitutes with our hard earned money, average wage for an actor $10M per movie, WHY? They aren’t even good at what they do anymore, they are just puppets surrounded by Computer Imagery. Take a look at the credits at the end, they go for 15 minutes of the movie, and then there’s more movie after that to trick you into reading the credits. MARVEL and DC do this every movie. So to hell with it all, I buy Chinese copies, they are affordable, they work, and the monopolies being currently held by the American Jews are starting to collapse. Minelab is absolute crap, I’ve owned three and every one of them went bad and faulted. And they are stiff and horrible to use. Look at Apple, they told the World that they were the goodie of the computer World. But Apple computers have compulsory upgrades designed to steal your data and private information. Remember how we were all told that Communism will take over our lives and be watching our every move. But it is capitalism which as put CCTV, Phone Cameras, Dash Cams, Body Cameras, Flying Drone Cams on everyone and every things around us, and capitalism which keeps the advertising alive on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.
    Don’t go blaming the Chinese for your greed which is finally coming to an end, people are awake to you all, you will never climb back up your greed ladders. 2020 is the end of corruption, the criminals are being removed from our Authority and Governments. Power to the People. To hell with this debunking website. FAKE my arse. You are the fake.

    • Yeah, you are right.

      • Hell,everything but my wife came from china,China, possible, would have gotten her there too lol

    • Amen brother. So much racism towards China these days. As a non-Chinese I find that depressing and embarrassing. Let’s stick to the topic. An affordable Chinese metal detector..

  • so all of you retarded idiots are telling me how to spend my money, to late my wife do4es that already.
    than i suppose be caring about other company inflectional rights, yea when they here overcharge me 500% pro cent for the same item they made in china its bullish world wake up and see the garbage
    i work for leaving and getting scan by those idiots all the time, if is not going green , then solar power, than one sheet of toilet paper use , and now intellectual property so i pay more to them , no my good country man , its there bossiness ley\t than wash than self , they have my money already and they can hire those lawyers, sorry i just hate ignorance happy detecting

  • I’ve had the TX-850 for a year now & I have to say that I’ve been very impressed. The recovery speed and depth is great!

  • He escuchado muy muy buenos comentarios de este aparato! Y lo he visto con un plato más grande al que hacen referencia! Quisiera saber que ventaja trae un plato más grande en comparación a este de la foto? Y hay uno con un plato muy pequeño creo es para pepitas de oro!

  • The tx 850 is the same as those other machines. The only difference is the price and name. So decide as rational people.

  • Shanghai Tianxun Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., is a hi-tech company with the combination of research & development, manufacture, sale, and service in the field of security & protection products. Our main products are all kinds of metal detectors, such as: Walk-through Metal Detector, Hand-held Metal Detector, Ground Searching Metal Detector and so on; Military & Police Equipment, such as: Controband Detector, X-ray Machine, etc.To guarantee the leading position and quality of our products in this field, we have a specialized research station and large number of professional R&D specialists, and quantities of skilled workers. Driven by this outstanding team, all our companys products are in accordance to the International Standards in this field. Since entering the market, our products have been exported to all over the world. Most of them have entered into E.U., Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and American market. We obtain the long-standing co-operation with many well-known importers, distributors and retailers. We have gotten very fine reputation in the international market. Our products are widely used in following sites: banks, securities exchange, governments, enterprises and factories for loss prevention, prisons, airports, stations, wharfs, schools, hospitals, residence communities, place of entertainments and so on.If you want to get the first class security & protection products in a better price.
    I have one of these and it works fine. It paid for itself the first day I used it ?

  • I had a TX-850. He worked quite well but only shortly. Then I buyed this hybrid, which was $30 more expensive. It cannot be absolutely compared with TX. This is simply a tragedy.

  • The whole fact here that nobody can dispute is that any metal detector is only as good as the person operating it and where they operate it. Of course it is a ‘Bloke’ thing to own the most powerful, the biggest or most expensive of anything, but remember that those expensive golf clubs, that three thousand dollar camera, or your state of the art anything, will be completely useless without the real skill, the intelligence or dedicated practice it needs to use it properly. For many years I have been finding great stuff with a cheap, some would say useless, metal detector that belonged to my son when he was a child. But I find stuff with it because I take the time to research the social history of the sites that I search, and then search carefully and methodically. So much of my detecting is actually done on the sofa at home, before any practical digging is done.
    Now, on Chinese detectors it seems to me that these are just electronic devices of which the basic technology is reasonably simple, and that the Chinese have a great aptitude not only for copying but also for innovating and improving western designs in many fields. It is also a fact that many ‘Western’ companies actually have their products made completely in China, and often use their own staff quality control experts to inspect the goods at various stages of production. For many years I have collected guitars, and as a maker of musical instruments myself I can tell you that a Chinese, Korean or Mexican guitar can easily be the equal of the American product at a fraction of the price, with no reduction in quality of build, playability or sound quality.
    So to sum up, why ever pay more than you need if the same or very similar item , though made abroad or copied, will do the job well?

  • Have TX850 for two years now, and than i buy Nokta Makro Simplex. I cant say im happy with Nokta even it is x3 times more cost than TX. I expect more from Nokta, but for now i cant say it is better. TX still have better findings, stronger signals, and easier to use. Only thing is that TX cant go in water (coil can but eletronics in brain not), cant connect bluetooth earphones only wire ones, and you cant shorten detector stick egnouh, without disassembly it in part for easier transport (double lenght than Nokta when shortened for transport). Tx is suprising stable machine, pinpointing also works suprising well. Even in that segment it is better than Nokta. Nokta says only center on screen with sound, but TX says even depth in inches with sound. I dont know maybe i make some mistakes to make settings with Nokta, (try everything on it) but still i prefer TX for now.

    • Hi if you buy a bluetooth adapter switch it to Tx mode& plug it into your Tx-850& turn it on u can use your bluetooth headphones they work great no problems.

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