Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector
  • Model Features

    • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter (USA)
    • Model: Lone Star Pro
    • Year: 2014
    • Type: ground detector
    • Rating (owner reviews): ★★☆☆☆
    • Display: Yes
    • Technology: VLF
    • Frequency: 7,69 kHz
    • VDI / Numerical Target-ID: No
    • Manual ground balance: No
    • Automatic ground balance: No
    • Noise cancel: No
    • Sound, tones: 3
    • Adjusting the volume: No
    • Pinpoint: No
    • Using headphones: Yes
    • Search coil: Bounty Hunter 8 Mono
  • Parameters

    • Batteries: 1x 9V
    • Weight: 1,13 kg
    • Length (min/max): 120-140 cm







5 Responses to Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

  • I just wanted to mention a few things are wrong.The Lone Star Pro weighs 1.0 kg,The frequency is 7.69kHz,It has target ID,and auto ground balance,and lastly it has 3 tones.Thanks D Kuziw

  • Is their a difference between lone star pro and the tracker pro I have the tracker pro only difference I see is the price the manuals are the same

  • This “new” detector is a copy of Bounty Hunter Gold/Teknetics Alpha.
    The electronic components on the PCB have the same numbers 1:1.
    The First Texas is fond of making “new detectors” just re-naming old
    ones. (It’s a bad habit!)

    • The chief engineer of the First Texas – Carl Moorland is now
      working hard on re-naming of White’s Spectra V3i into
      Fisher Spectra V3i! It is very hard job indeed!

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