Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger metal detector
  • Model Features

    • Manufacturer: Bounty Hunter (USA)
    • Model: Gold Digger
    • Year:
    • Type: ground detector
    • Rating (owner reviews): 
    • Display: No
    • Technology: VLF
    • Frequency: 6.6 kHz
    • VDI / Numerical Target-ID: No
    • Manual ground balance: No
    • Automatic ground balance: Yes
    • Noise cancel: No
    • Sound, tones: 2
    • Adjusting the volume: No
    • Pinpoint: No
    • Using headphones: Yes
    • Search coil: Bounty Hunter 7 Mono
  • Parameters

    • Batteries: 2x 9V
    • Weight: 1,18 kg
    • Length (min/max): 91-118 cm








3 Responses to Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

  • I am an owner of a few Bounty Hunter metal detectors and I like them. But I have written the BH site many times asking why when I enjoy seeing Bounty Hunter metal detectors finding new, and current finds on videos, all you ever see is extremely old, dated videos, (mostly old BH advertising videos).
    And no matter how much you look, you never see new current videos. I have filled in a comment box like this one on the BH site over a few years, and when I hit “Submit”, it always says something to the effect of, “There was an error, try another time” and you can’t get any farther with answers. One time I got through and asked them the question, and they gave me some supposed sites that were current BH detector finds video sites. Well, to no suprise to me, none of the sites brought up new BH finds videos, (only the aged BH ad ones.) Doesn’t Bounty Hunter have any customer product pride.?

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