What finds are sold at illegal MD auction

See the finds discovered by hunters and sold at the illegal auction. An antique statue with hypnotic gaze is impressive… It’s scary to keep one like that at home.

Lithuania Groschen 1566 (Tykocin) — $7,502. The starting price was $2,222.


Church bell 11th-12th century AD — $6,666.66. Church bell. Material: bronze and silver (alloy). Weight: 23.3 kg.


I can only imagine how it was to dig out such a find and then also carry it away from hunting spot. For history: the bell was found with the Minelab Safari metal detector and Detech 13 Ultimate coil.



Silver coin: Altynnik 1718 (horseman not wearing a cloak) — $3,871.


Roman statue — $3,769. Material: bronze… Antique bronze was always expensive, if the item is genuine.
Don’t you think this horned man’s gaze is unusual? At first you are looking at him for hours, then you start talking to him, and then… he starts answering you ))


You can see more hunters’ finds from illegal auction here. Good luck to everyone on hunts!

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