White’s Quantum XT. Greetings from the 90’s

How long have you been engaged in metal detecting? Commenter ANdy has submitted the photos of his White’s Quantum XT metal detector. Check out a real machine from the 90’s! The most important thing is that the detector is still operational and yields finds up to now.

The history of White’s Quantum XT


In the mid-’90s the Quantum 2 was replaced by a White’s Quantum XT. The main distinction in the new metal detector was a Deepscan 950 coil. Until now, the machine has the classical build quality of White’s older models that hasn’t changed for years. Due to a well balanced construction, you don’t feel its weight (about 2 kg). The detector is powered by 8 AA batteries.


There also existed a Quantum PRO version. It was distinguished by software, enhanced sensitivity, improvement in ground balance problem, and lettering “Coins” which appeared instead of the 1$ icon (version 1.2).


The White’s Quantum XT metal detector was compatible with the same search coils used for the White’s Spectrum series. Operating frequency: 6.59 kHz.


Check out the capabilities of the White’s Quantum XT. Can you believe it’s the metal detector from the 90’s?

  • Volume
  • Threshold
  • Search Sensitivity
  • Pinpoint Sensitivity
  • Viewing Angle (display contrast)
  • S.A.T. Speed
  • Tracking Speed
  • Transmit Frequency
  • Discrimination
  • Discrimination Edit
  • VSO
  • Mixed Mode
  • Tone Alert Edit
  • Noise Reduction


The metal detector is alive, and continues to yield finds to its owner. Thanks ANdy! I wish to add for myself… I tried to find the very first mention of the White’s Quantum XT – it’s March 1998.

17 Responses to White’s Quantum XT. Greetings from the 90’s

  • I am thinking of getting a whites Quantim 2 even older than this for my first year or so of detecting. I have a bounty hunter ultra mag sharp shooter I got for $50 would the old whites be a better beginning for me as a new to the detecting hobby in the Arizona desert area Phoenix area ? I can always let my gf use the bounty hunter for her new trials.

    • Never buy old and outdated equipment!
      Buy only new and fresh!
      You have great choice: Garrett Ace 400,
      Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F44, Teknetics Omega 8500 etc.
      Get two coils for your future metal detector – DD and Concentric
      and you wil be able to solve any problem of treasure hunting!

      • Funny opinion. Some older detectors manufactured with analog technology are still a hundred times better than today’s modern detectors with crystalics oscillators.

      • Jan, you are wrong!
        Modern metal detectors are really MODERN!
        They have functions unthincable in analog devices.
        The future belong to digital signal processing, we
        can not stop it.

      • the best machines i have are used. not very good advise in my opinion.

  • E.T.
    you’re right that modern detectors are digital. But today is not produced even one model used analog technology. Analog is absolutely quiet and has an analog discriminator. These two things can not replace the currently used digital components manufactured in China. I have modified White’s IDX PRO and reach for a can of Coca-Cola is approximately 1.2 meters. Can this digital detector?

  • Last year, or was it the year before, I forget now, I came upon a used (barley) White’s Quantum XT with 2 coils for $35.00 at a yard sale. It works great, and has paid for itself a couple of times over. This replaces one of those cheap china 40 bucks new ones that finds all sorts of tin foil and pop tabs but rarely if ever finds anything wort digging for. Now I can’t afford a new one, being disabled on a fixed income, so this is the best I can get, and I think it is great!

    • qxt is a top notch machine, the more you learn the better your finds will get over time.

  • Hi new to this blog i got a question.i bought an whites quantum 2 7.8 coil does this detector find gold? Ive have cheap garrets and bounty hunters the $150 ones .so yea my main goal is gold i work in alaska 6 months out of the year on a boat and when im done i stay 3 weeks in whittier ak,detecting .lost track yea so is it for gold thanks

  • I have a White’s Quantum II I bought in the 90’s new and have only used it a half dozen times, I dug it out of the closet today and I’m wondering if any new larger than the stock coils fit it?

  • I am using my old XLT and yesterday I dug 77 coins with it. So I can’t complain.

  • I have a quantum II and replaced the chip now it’s like a QXT and works great! These detectors really are a top performer! Very best detector I ever owned!

    • I have been detecting for 13 years and have tried a lot of different machines over those years . The second machine I ever bought was a Whites QXT Pro . I used it for many years and most of my best and deepest finds came from the QXT Pro . My favorite find was a 1899 Barber Quarter at 10.5 inches deep found on what was a dairy farm in the 1800’s now turned into a soccer field that was filled and covered in sod . I only sold due to financial reasons . I wish I still had it because it could out perform almost any metal detector I have used to date . If I ever come a crossed another one I will be buying it .

      • I have had a QXT Pro V 1.2 and it was great. Worked as advertised and would consider it a bit of sleeper detector now with used XLT’s selling for up and over $500 now since whites has closed. One on ebay now if three years later you are still wanting one. I liked that it was almost a turn on and go detector.

    • Hi Frank, i have a quantum II, this machine are uknowed in Europe, i read is possibile to transform in QXT, where you found that chip.

  • I’ve tried all the new fancy machines, and I always go back to the DFX. Heavy? Yes, but accurate and reliable

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