Nel’s Russian Roulette (proved true). Video

No ground balance, copper coins displaying and sounding like iron, loose fitting on the shaft… Nel coils have quite enough problems. And are still getting the new ones. Namely the latest problem (2016) – coils compatibility with different Garrett ACE models – has been proved true. Sellers nicknamed this effect “Nel’s Russian Roulette”.

“Nel’s Russian Roulette”

According to Nel, their coils for the Garrett ACE series are compatible with all models from the range. But this is not the case. It’s impossible to guess, without checking, which machine will work with the coil and which won’t. Hence the problem is called “Nel’s Russian Roulette”.

Nel: unconfirmed problems

No ground balance. Some Minelab X-Terra owners using Nel coils say the ground balance can’t be adjusted in certain settings. The problem presumably occurs with the triple-frequency coils – at a 3 kHz frequency.

The machine doesn’t see large copper coins. And again, it’s Minelab X-Terra users owing Nel coils who’ve got such an experience. At certain (?) settings a large copper coin displays and sounds like iron. The problem presumably occurs when the Minelab X-Terra noise cancel setting is activated. Or when operating at a 3 kHz frequency.

The coil fits loose on the shaft. This is allegedly the case with regard to Fisher and Teknetics detectors, due to the different sized coil attachment point. The manufacturer previously said they would supply all the coils with rubber washers to solve this problem.

The cable entry point. The problem is not new, and, in my opinion, is directly connected with operating conditions. The only trouble is… that in order to correct this problem, it’s necessary to open the coil. But not everyone can do it. Here is someone’s work, check this out:


Here is Nel’s comment on the situation with the Garrett ACE:

NEL. I want to give an official answer regarding the problems with an АCE 300 detector and Nel coils:

We have experimentally released a batch of coils with improved features, all of these were tested with the entire [ACE] series, except for an АСЕ 300 model. All the machines were operating perfectly, but it soon turned out that the whole batch had a problem with an АСЕ 300 model, after that the production of such coils has been discontinued…

NEL. We would like to apologize for this incident. Also, would like to add that this problem can be easily eliminated if you send the coil and detector to us.

All about Nel, both the good and bad, is collected here.

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