If Minelab leaves today… What happens next with the world of metal detecting? Who will be happy, and who will start crying? At the IWA 2016 show, Minelab haven’t wanted to see anybody.

Germany, the IWA 2016 show… There is Minelab among metal detector manufacturers announced. I’ve expected to see the manufacturer’s new products at this show. But that’s what I have seen instead…


Minelab haven’t come to the show. So what? They’ve bought the booth and can dispose of it as they want. But…

Here, at the exhibition, some incredible stories are told of Minelab! The manufacturer is said to be not willing to meet with sellers and treasure hunters (I can’t believe it!).

Rumour has it that Minelab spent five million dollars on their Go-Find detectors. But hunters haven’t accepted this machine. And right now, the manufacturer is trying to find a way out of this problem.


Maybe this is the reason why Minelab’s office in Europe was closed? And the Minelab GPZ 7000 price slump is also attributed to it?

In sober fact, we feel sorry for Minelab. Another giant, Garrett, is a family-owned manufacturer – companies like these can afford a quiet life (e.g. Tesoro). And it’s only FisherLab that remains from the real manufacturing giants.


  • Can’t put all your eggs in one basket. If they did that with the Pro Find line of detectors, the end could come quickly. Their GPZ detector along with the 5000 means they had really high end and low end detectors. Where are the mid line detectors ? Maybe they should have tried to improve the Safari or Etrac.

  • Had a look at a go find 60 and in my opinion it’s Crap cheap plastic. I use the etrac and they could of fixed the issue with the poor display.

  • They lost touch with the fan base, they lost touch with their potential customers, and pricing machines at over 8k retail means they lost the plot completely! The end is near..

    • Sounds to be true. Will see, I guess, we will have soon an interview with Minelab guy and will see what he will answer to us.

      • Sure, they lost the touch with their customers, they lost
        the touch with reality! Brabus give them a good kick
        on behalf of us all!

  • Too heavy, overpriced. The amount they charge for accessories is insulting then they do price increases while gouging customers in a year they had a $56 million dollar profit….. really? Pass price increases to customers rent and expensive booth at a big trade show and not show up? Expect this bad management move and wasted money on the stand to be passed along to customer with yet another price increase…… glad I moved on years ago!

  • I passed a few suggestions on to Minelab reps in the past for accessory addons to increase depth and coil design ideas but don’t seem to interested.
    I think that 56 million profit had to do with military contracts and not so much the retail sales.

    • $56 million was primarilly from gold detector sales. They are publicly owned company so you can Google Codan and read all thier financial reports and they seperate each business in the financial report.

  • I have an e trac and find it to be a bit of a beast

  • Minelab is being run by Codan. Codan knows very little about the Detectorist and the Go Find proves it , as soon as i saw one i laughed but it was a serious laugh . Then there is the CTX with all its gizmo’s that looks as if they were trying to do too much to sell the machine which if not for the gizmo’s would be an E.Trac in a heavier and more costly though waterproof stem , some good points but not enough. Then we have the GPZ 7000 that uses the same or similar CTX stem and its heavier still and at ?8k + thats ridiculous , doubt they will sell many or any ? here . I would hope that Minelab could change back to what they once were but with Codan pulling the strings that may not be possible. They need to bring out direct replacements for the E.Trac and X.Terra and bring out a much improved and lighter Sovereign , they would sell but they need to be proper new ideas and not a change of colour and a tweek here and there .

    • Richard!
      I do support your opinion completely!
      Bruce Hulcro Candy is clever enough to make
      technological miracle. Instead he made technological
      disaster that is named Go-no-Find!

  • se and etrac both great but are too heavy….deus is the top dog now and weight being the maine issue with minelabs,on the MLO web site we asked for a lighter detector after the etrac and minelab gave us the ctx3030,still heavy and very exspensive,the go find range looks cheap and i have never seen one on a dig….give the customer what they want and you will get back to the top minelab but at the moment …things are not looking good.

  • another great Detector that is being gaining a lot of Marketshare very quietly is White’s Electronics, in comparisons made, same performance, same depth, simpler and affordable by a lot!! and Made in USA !!! ;)

    • Whites is the way to go. If you want to go big,get the V3I. All i can say is it is AMAZING.

  • Article is pure unfounded speculation, rumor and BS, Minelab simply consolidated some of their regional offices is all.

    The GoFind is a entry level detector not a mid or top of the line model. The 3030 is a great detector, I own one along with 2 excals a Sovereign GT and an ETrac. Minelab is still the leader in the field of metal detecting…

    Minelab ended the Sovereign series because sales were too low to continue, I personally would have loved to seen a new version but want whine because they didn’t put one out..

  • So thinks you write back in 2016 was totally wrong Minelab great new metal detectors Equinox and Vanquish and white is no longer in business about Fisher every one mows is going down too. Garrett on the other hand don’t have anything to show . Deus keep making nice back packs .

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