What will become of Minelab in 2019? Prediction from Lopata

In the old days, metal detectors died a natural death: if a model stopped being sold, it was honorably (or without fanfare) discontinued. Today, if a model stops being sold, its demise is commonly associated with an unpleasant story. And it’s all right if it is simply a disappointing machine. Much worse is if it’s the Chinese who will finish it off – shame, lot of fuss about fakes, loss of reputation… As you all already know, at the end of 2018 there appeared a perfect counterfeit of the most mass-produced machine from Minelab’s model range, the Minelab X-Terra 705. The quality and realization is astonishing – the copy is as like as two peas. Even the coils for the fake and original units are interchangeable. So, what will become of Minelab in 2019? Here’s the prediction from Lopata.

Whether you want it or not, there will be the end of the Minelab X-Terra devices. It’s about time though. The X-Terra detector’s age could be comparable to that of a dog or a horse. The first X-Terra units appeared in 2004 and haven’t changed that much since then. There is an opinion, however, that these machines have been sold for such a long time not because they have been so good, but because there weren’t any other (better) options. Actually, the X-Terra is a usual slowpoke, like Minelab’s most hobby machines, VLF metal detector. Do you know any advantages it has versus the modern units?

The Minelab X-Terra will die and no one will cry. Or probably folks will pull wry faces even. And it’s the Chinese, the best brand killers, who have put their shoulders to the ‘funeral tradition’ wheel. You may consider it to be a coincidence (I personally don’t think so) but in every case where masters counterfeiters get down to business, the original product’s sales fall down with a great loss of reputation. The Teknetics T2, one of the best machines designed for coin and relic hunting, is the synonym for made-in-China today. The same goes for the Garrett ACE – the sales of the renowned series devices have fallen down drastically. Even adding new models to its range didn’t work. The Garrett PRO-Pointer, the once-gold standard of all pinpointers, has become a synonym for made-in-China, too. The new models added to the line also didn’t help – the sales fell sharply as well.

Most probably, md manufacturers don’t really understand what’s going on and how to deal with it. None of them has experience of how to cope with such situation, and they are lacking in courage to accept reality. By the example of the Garrett ACE, the attempts to continue the product with a tattered reputation won’t revive sales. And, truly speaking, it’s actually nothing of the kind ‘to be continued’. It’s an open secret that there is nothing new in the new Garrett ACE. They simply gave new fuel to Chinese production, and that’s all of it.

Minelab is not Garrett. At least, the decisions are made by shareholders of the Codan corporation (whereas Garrett is a family-owned company). As yet Minelab is able to admit failures, discontinue the products, release the novelties and stand to the end. What will become of Minelab in 2019? Lopata has given their prediction:

  • The Minelab X-Terra 705 will be discontinued and replaced by the Minelab Equinox 600
  • The Minelab Safari will be discontinued and replaced by the Minelab Equinox 800
  • The Minelab E-Trac will be discontinued and replaced by Minelab Equinox 1000 (or alternatively, the Minelab CTX 2020 / 1010)

The manufacturer also has two main issues still open – the wireless Minelab PRO-Find 45 probe and the new (updated) underwater metal detector – although hasn’t allocated money for their solutions yet. In addition, Minelab is currently taking efforts to launch its own underwater mini machine with the discrimination feature, as well as the 2nd generation wireless module.

So, it’s your choice whether you wish Minelab good luck in 2019 or not. And you will vote with your wallet. Anyway, whatever happens to Minelab, those who read the MD-Hunter blog will be the first to know about it.

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  • I actually don’t think Minelab will change anything about their current lineup in 2019. There’s no reason to think they would eliminate any of their current models as they all have different capabilities at different price points. If they were to eliminate anything in the lineup it might be the Safari. I could see them eliminating the safari and dropping the price of the e-trac and the 3030. I don’t see them dropping the xterras as there’s a lot of money in the low end of the market and the X-Terra’s offer more at their price than any others. They are after all 2-3 frequency single selectable machines, and now there are coils that will allow switching between all those frequencies without actually swapping the coil. I agree that they are probably working on the CTX-3030 replacement whether it comes in the form of an Equinox 1000 or a CTX-3050 etc., but I don’t think we see it from them this year. Possibly in 2020. The success of the Equinox series will likely have them simply resting on their laurels for this year and observing what the competition answers with before they commit to a revamp of their flagship. You might see the Excalibur revamped if any machine, or a beach PI to answer the Aquamanta and TDI Beachhunter. Affordable Beach PI is a niche they have no answer for as of yet. We are getting closer to a time where First Texas will finally start cranking out new machines. The changes and upgrades they’ve made to be able to compete at the highest levels is no joke. New engineers, new facility etc. Tells us they plan to be around for a long time to come. Taking in Carl Moreland in 2014 tells us they want to get really serious about incorporating high tech into their platforms. Minelab would do well to take them serious in 2019 and beyond.

    • Jeremy Jackson is a famous “science fiction” writer. The worst af all is that he is right
      in very many points! Yes, we will have a lot of “high tech” – color LCD screens, wireless,
      digital signal processing and so on, but all this “high tech” will add no depth no finds.
      The ability of modern metal detectors to find targets will degrade slowly.

      • Incorrect. With more modern technology comes two big advantages. 1. better battery technology. 2. Power saving SMA electronics. This means less power consumption over all, but also means they can add more transmission power, and better coil technology to punch deeper. That combined with better TID tech and machines will only get better. Look at cell phones from 20 years ago. Smaller, lighter, smarter, and better range. The same tech will eventually catch up with metal detectors.

      • One more SF writer. “Modern technology” means “fast&deep” all the rest is
        irrelevant. VGA/BGA/PGA doesn’t matter. Give me very fast and very deep
        metal detector, it’s weight, power consumption, size, etc. I will easily endure.

      • Le batterie sono arrivate al limite da anni..nn si possono aumentare gli amperaggi x dimensione…e scientifico…si può solo aumentare la velocità di ricarica…x il resto il MD ha troppe variabili..e quindi nn c’è nulla di certo..e investire troppo in qualcosa che nn e matematicamente esatto nn ha senso…basta guardare che progetti di md di 20 anni fa sono ancora al top..e questo mi fa dire che nn e il MD che conta.. per quanto lo fai nuovo cambi la tecnologia ecc e sempre la uomo che fa la differy..chi e come lo usa .

      • Ho già spiegato…ma come mai in cel di due anni e vecchio e un MD di 20 anni e ancora il.piu blasonato?? La risposta x lei vuole vederla e semplice…

  • It appears I could be wrong about the introduction of something new from Minelab this year. They will be title sponsor of Detectival 2019. I think there’s now an expectation that if you sponsor the event you’re going to be introducing something whether it’s ready for prime time or not. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a machine either. The way the Equinox is set up it would be easy to imagine wireless peripherals. As to whether there’s anything more to be gained in depth etc. There certainly is. First Texas for one is guaranteeing their new Flagship will be deeper than current offerings. There are also new technologies to explore, such as half-sine, which is inherently better at eliminating ground and punching deeper. All this may sound like science fiction to anyone not up to speed on the technology. A little research goes a long way, however. There is still much to be gained by technological advances in this hobby. Granted, they’ve come slower than in other tech sectors for obvious reasons, but they are inevitable:

  • From what I understand there are three new detectors due out in 2019 from Minelab.

  • Hearing about another update next week for Equinox 800 – what say ye?

  • La verità e tanto semplice…bisognerebbe capire qual è la fetta di persone che acquista un MD….e cos è il MD….poi il fatto che i cinesi di solito(visto che tutto quello che viene prodotto di elettronico viene da loro o dai loro metalli delle terre rare)quando (copiano) un prodotto lo fanno migliore ..ed ovvio xké elimini il più possibile i difetti e aggiorni l hardware che nel tempo e progredito….e nn meno lo paghi molto ma molto meno…quindi nn c’è nulla da fare….poi x quanto riguarda la garanzia se li prendi su certi shop famosi vengono a prendertelo loro a casa …quindi forse è il caso di abbassare i prezzi ai no Cina….xké e un dato di fatto che un MD di materiale e poco e niente…e nn ditemi lo sviluppo…che sono anni che nn c’è nulla di nuovo…e anche e piccole novità multifrequenza ecc ecc lo sviluppo e su un PC ..su una scheda .nn ci vogliono macchinari da milioni di euro….ma tutto questo a chi vuole saperlo e semplice trovarlo e capirlo on line…agli altri…viva il marketing e chi vi frega…

  • Minelab has been one of the top sellers since their inception so whatever they decide to do I’m sure will be the right strategy.
    As far as the Chinese market goes… buyer beware. Buy from a reputable dealer ask for serial numbers ahead of time so they can be checked with the factories and do your homework.
    The Chinese machines are not keeping up with the brand name factory machines nor will they ever.
    There’s a ton of information out there about these Chinese knock offs so again do your homework.
    There is really no reason at all to be taken by the Asian market unless you’re not paying attention.

  • Your questions have been answered by minelab the new Manticore appears to be a turbo charged Equinox 800, water proof to 5 meters. $2500 au mmm. I don’t like cars with turbos, just another thing to go wrong and my Equinox 800 has me digging holes that are deep enough thanks. Seriously I mostly hunt gold fields and at that price your getting into SDC 2300. But for serious treasure hunters who love digging deep holes and live in a country with more historical finds potential [ unlike here in Australia ] there may be a market.

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