What a find – coin worth $1.7 million – looks like

A hunter picked up a New England coin that has been previously valued at ?1 million by St James’s Auctions specialists. See the photo of a find.



On arriving home, John posted a photo of the coin on his Facebook page… In 5 minutes his mailbox burst with proposals to sell the find.


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  • A few years ago I had a practice with the Minelab Quattro MP metal detector. It seemed to me then that it was a professional level. Now, having taken it from my friend for testing, I see that its signal processing speed is very slow. For example, if several signals occur simultaneously under the coil the Quattro MP can’t determine them adequately.

    The Minelab Safari, its modern analogue, is a bit better. But still I think that the Minelab Safari is inferior in the results to its junior model – Minelab X-Terra 705 (although the Safari is more expensive).

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