V4.0 update for any XP Deus. Awesome!

XP claims that the new version 4.0 will work with any XP Deus. It’s just a software update. Any owner of this machine will be able to try new opportunities. It’s awesome!


XP Deus version 4 official announcement. There appears to be a lot of speculation regarding the version 4 update, we would like to clarify some points.

Q : When will the update be available ?
A : At the earliest late summer 2016 possibly longer.

Q: Should I wait for the version 4 before I buy a Deus, someone said they will have a different circuit.
A : No the machines will be exactly the same, the version 4 is a software update, any Deus can be upgraded to a V4 when it becomes available.

Q : Will the original search coils and headphones work on version 4, or do I need to buy the new coil ?
A : Yes of course, providing they are all updated at the same time, they will work fine. The new products due to be released are optional extra’s.

I strongly hope V4.0 update will be free. One way or another we’ll become aware of it in any case. All about XP Deus 4.0 is collected here.


What’s new in XP Deus 4.0 (+ manufacturer’s plans)


All about the XP Deus is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the XP Deus. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

7 Responses to V4.0 update for any XP Deus. Awesome!

  • XP Deus V4.0 update comming soon…

    XP Deus V4.0 update

  • Why does my Xp Deus give high tones and readings for Iron it’s so annoying. When I dig it to find a lump of rust.can you help me.?

    • Hi ,
      If you use setting 9 this is the older version of 3.2, you will find tones better if using full tones, iron is low tone
      Steel still gives high tone but squeaky as before,

      Chose program 9 save it to another slot , then put in your old setting then save.

      Hope this helps

  • Hi.
    I also found that if you increase audio response to 4 or 5 this gives more depth on v4

  • I haven’t got the remote unit I only have deus light with ws4 headphones can I still update to v4 if so how… many thanks

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