The worst in Garrett ACE 250. Video

The best in the Garrett ACE 250 is that it really brings finds. But what is the worst in this device? For myself I found the answer to this question. Watch the video: a recovery speed test.

I still consider the old Garrett ACE 250 to be one of the best metal detectors for a newbie. But after introduction of the new Whites Treasure Master and Whites Treasure Pro, my opinion may change. These machines are real ACE 250 killers and perhaps they will be able to do it.

For the ACE 250 it’s really a sad test. It seemed to me even that the cheap Minelab Go-Find 20 had passed it a bit better. Or did I just imagine it?

All about the Garrett ACE 250 metal detector is collected here (you do know, don’t you, that there exist Garrett ACE 250 fakes). On Knowledgebase pages there is also additional info on Garrett ACE 250.


So far, the Bounty Hunter VLF2.1 is the only cheap metal detector capable of ‘slicing’ finds like a pro (that’s the only its advantage, but otherwise it has serious disadvantages). You can see all recovery speed tests here (XP Deus, Makro Racer and Garrett AT PRO — great!).

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  • You got to give some credit to the ACE 250 with it’s standard concentric coil. I would have dug the target as it still sounded good among the two nails as tested. If tested with a ‘DD’ coil…results would be improved.

    • Unfortunately, it won’t be better. I conducted the same test with the DD coil, too, and the Garrett ACE 250 couldn’t separate those targets.

  • While this test is valid for iron, try the test around nonferrous trash. I constantly find different conductivity coins together and get not only their separate ID’s but their separate tones-even in coins mode. Also, coins next to nonferrous trash. Not every spot at sites has coins covered with nails.

  • The ace 250 is still a great machine, i had minelab xs2 sov and eurotek pro great machines but sold them due to money problems, started back with the ace 250.
    It can push 8 inches occasionally on a one pound coin, and thats just with standard coil, ive now got big 9?12 coil and its awesome, it can still match much more expensive machines on depth at least, well made loads of coils for it, batterys last forever, great machine

  • Hi, can I ask for a bit of advice on the Garret 250 ace please. Have just purchased a second hand but nearly new machine. It’s all singing and dancing on the ground surface but bury anything and it doesn’t seem to pick it up .. have tried in different modes, renewed batteries and reset by holding power button down for 5 seconds until 2 beeps ..disappointed to say the least ..any suggestions would be really appreciated

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