Teknetics Omega 8500. NEW 2015

I treat the new products from Teknetics and Fisher with caution… They may paint their device a different color, give it a new name and dress up in the garb of a new metal detector. This time the color has remained the same. Here’s the Teknetics Omega 8500, a new product 2015.


At first glance… The coil has remained the same – a 10-inch Elliptical Mono. A screen backlight (red) and Threshold added, a ground balance seriously updated.

There is an interference tune-out (by shifting the frequency), 3-tone dynamic response (loudness depends on depth), and – it looks like Teknetics has learned to fit in the Boost mode with all the detectors – Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost.


I don’t see any other changes so far. It will be necessary to retrieve an old description of the Omega 8000 and to compare. Here’s a complete list of the Teknetics Omega 8500 features:

  • Backlight
  • Waterproof Elliptical Searchcoil
  • Notching Controls – Discrimination & Variable Volume by Category
  • Independent Gain & Threshold Control
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Ground Phase Error Readout
  • 2 Modes of Operation:
    — Discrimination
    — All Metal
  • Selectable V.C.O. Base Tone
  • Choice of 3 Tones plus V.C.O
  • Digital Target-ID System
  • Ground Grab® Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Visual Background Iron-ID
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost
  • Static Pinpoint

A comparison: Teknetics Omega 8000 and Teknetics Omega 8500. Are they much different?


The first videos of Teknetics Omega 8500… Is an operator demonstrating the Omega 8500 problems at 13:43? The extra artifacts are appearing on the detector screen.

Some other new products: showing its new metal detectors Deteknix roused the hunters’ indignation. And we are waiting for news from Garrett (coming soon, there are two months left).

All about the Teknetics Omega 8500 is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Teknetics Omega 8500. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

15 Responses to Teknetics Omega 8500. NEW 2015

  • Love the 8500 totally different then the 8000. Finding more stuff the 8000 left behind

    • John tell us what coil you use with your Omega 8500 – 7×11 DD or
      6×10 Concentric?

      • Anyone, I purchased an Omega 8500 and its giving me fits , and I’ve contacted Teknetics several times asking for help and they dont seem like their interested in helping me and I cant find anything on the web that addresses my problems and I’ll give you general settings maybe I’m just being stupid but I dont believe its user error I think its something else ? Please help if you can .

        My Settings in All Metal , and they very all little in Disc.

        A- G/B runs between 48.6 and 52.7 in my part of Ohio

        B-Notch (non)

        C- Deep #1

        D- tones – #2 or #3

        E- VOl. 6

        F- Freq. 1 ( no EMI)

        G- gain 82 to 92

        F- Thres 0 to +3

        Disc- 00

        If you guys see something that I’m doing wrong please let me know because this machine about ready to become a permanent part of the lake in my back yard ! ,I’ll go back to my Nox 600 because its never given me any problems .

        1- when trying to auto G/B I always get that nasty low ton telling me theres an error , so I have to manually G/B my machine every time.

        2- false signals, I’m getting tons of false hits , example vid says its a “quarter” or a high conducter of some sort and I’m getting great tones but when I dig it its Iron and usually a square nail early 1900’s which is iron , the only true hits I’ve had are in the ” sink zone” , and I know you cant go off vdi alone and I dont I know what good tones are and its giving me great tones but they’re false hits.

        If anyone has settings that are working great for them please share those with me I purchased the 8500 because its supposed to a great coin machine.

        If needed I can shoot video tomorrow and share it doing live dig and showing set up from beginning to end .

        Please Help !


    • I love mine John

    • Can you tell me if the control box housing on the 8500 is the same as the one on the 8000. I want to purchase the new Mars telescoping stem for my Omega 8000 and I am not sure if it will work. The manufacturer says the stem will work with the 8500, but makes no mention of the 8000. I have been unsuccessful in trying to get an answer back from them if there is a difference.

  • Have got myself the Teknetics Omega 8500 what a machine, it loves picking out those deeper smaller targets.10/10.

    • 10/10 – what is it? I know that Omega 8500 can be delivered with a set of
      1 coil or 2 coils or 3 coils. Which one you have?

  • I use the 8000 Omega since 2009, now the new 8500 is a different Machine, it is much more sensitive to smaller objects and the Volume Control of Categories is a Great Addition. The new Omega is the Choice of the Pros. You have more Setting Possibilities than a F75/T2 User, it?s the perfect Relic Hunter!

  • Is the control box housing the same on the 8500 as the 8000? I want to go to an after market stem and they are selling it for the 8500 and have told me they don’t know. Can you help me?

  • Does the omega 8500 have a jack for a headset?

  • TheHunterGT | Metal Detecting: Teknetics Omega 8500 Review

  • Curious what md hunter recommends for a good coin detector not a relic machine but a good coin shooter.

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