teeth unearthed

Discovering the gold. One photo (Can you try it on?)

The question of whether or not it’s OK to put on other people’s rings found is really a childish level. There is a more awesome question instead. Should someone’s teeth discovered be tried on? Supposing these were gold? Here’s one photo: if one unearthed a gold find, it means that day was a success. But still… Would you be able to try on such a thing? By the way, the discovery was made with a Minelab CTX 3030 machine. Continue reading

Found: a jawbone with gold teeth. What is to be done?

There is a category ‘Gold finds’ in this blog. I made it exclusively to increase my own motivation – if once I see the posts from this category, with a great many gold items unearthed, I will immediately cheer myself up to go on a hunt… Supposing you found a jawbone with gold teeth, what would you do with it? Would you take it to a police station or keep it at home? Continue reading