Quest Q40 Sea Salt Test (salt beach & sea)

Where can the Chinese get buyers for their Quest Q40? Those who are even remotely on the subject know that this manufacturer currently has a hard time. They passed off a coil made by another manufacturer as their own, they were sued for stealing technology, their tests on gold aren’t successful. Want to see how the Quest Q40 operates on the sea beach? Here’s how the unit reacts to salt and seawater, and how it detects finds in the sea sand.

All info on the Quest Q40 is collected here. Time and detectorists’ money will show whether it’s a good machine or an ordinary beeping rod (it’s your time and your money, and I’ll wait and see the happenings).

3 Responses to Quest Q40 Sea Salt Test (salt beach & sea)

  • Lot of falsing ( it less than their previous md tho which was crap) ! but the price for a waterproof kind of t2 clone is very cheap, i said kind of because it obviously not as good as the t2 in term of stability.

    The guy is on good ground btw, i get less change than that during summer.

  • I have a Q40. I use it on land, mainly grass land so far. It has performed very well. The wired headphones will switch off unless you put your mobile onto airplane mode and then they seem to perform well. The tones are excellent, as is the recovery speed. For what you pay you get a capable machine that is easy to use and well made.

  • What puzzles me…Why didn’t they make it like the Go find?Collapsible…and with the coil wire kill inside the shaft?

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