Nokta Impact to be triple-frequency machine (+another new product)

There are new details on the expected Nokta Impact. The metal detector will have 3 frequencies! Right now, the Nokta Impact is being put through final tests. Plus, the info about a new Nokta device has appeared.

The triple-frequency Nokta Impact


The new product 2016, Nokta Impact metal detector, is undergoing final tests right now. It is already known that the Nokta Impact is a triple-frequency machine!


The detector comes with 12 preset detection programs… 3 frequencies for 12 programs = 36 search modes. Is it an attempt to reach the level of XP Deus?

Nokta deep search metal detector. NEW 2017


And here’s another piece of news from the manufacturer… In 2017, a Nokta deep search metal detector is being prepared for launch.

All about the Nokta Impact is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Nokta Impact. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

26 Responses to Nokta Impact to be triple-frequency machine (+another new product)

  • is it a fresh news or an info from the past?
    Nokta has released this news?
    Because I knew that the impact project was suspended
    In its place Nokta/Makro has produced Racer 2 and Fors relic

    • All we have is fresh, but please do not ask us where did we get it, Luciano.

      Everything is in progress.

    • Let’s just wait a little bit and see for ourselves. According to the manufacturer, the Nokta Impact is really undergoing final tests, and we’ll see it soon.

  • Perfect! Thank you very much!

  • Looking forward to this machine for sure… Hopefully will be released by summer.

    Looks a purposeful machine indeed.

  • Let’s check what would be the next step of Minelab, Garrett and FisherLab. It would be a battle, friends!

  • The Racer and Relic have not replaced the Impact, Nokta confirmed it is still in the works.

  • I heard something about April – May …

  • So will the three frequencies operate independently or at the same time ? If it operates like say an Etrac does then this could be huge.

  • Each frequency separately

    • That’s disappointing. I was hoping they would run concurrently. Maybe Nokta can make a saltwater machine using multiple frequencies running concurrently.

  • I wanted to buy the Nokta Relic but now I think it’s better to wait…..

    • It’s better to buy Relic for now to get more skills. Nobody knows when Impact would be released, so season has started andvyou gonna missbyour treasure if will wait. Try with Relic, we will post about Relic later on, but looking for a specs it’s a good device! I like it!

  • The sad thing tho is, if makro and nokta are making new machine at this rate the previous one are losing value on the secondhand market.
    The good thing is , it force md brand to wake up to be competitive , minelab is gonna take a huge hit with fisher incoming with the multrifrequency and makro/nokta beeing very reactive in building new machines.

  • This has been known since they showed the Impact at the trade show in France a while back. What wasn’t known was if it would be three individual selectable frequencies, or if they could run multi-frequency at once like a Fisher CZ or Minelab Exp/Sovereign. Shame then decided to go the first route, but still a useful tool. If it’s as good as their Racer1/2, or Nokta Relic it should be a big hit! Love that they moved away from the legacy S handle to the much more comfortable pistol grip.

    Will definitely be giving this one a try as I’ve been EXTREMELY pleased with the performance of my Racer1 & Racer2.

  • New (updated) – Frequency: 4 kHz / 14 kHz / 21 kHz

  • i was going to get one but single freq at a time killed it for me

    • It’s a shame it was NOT a true simultaneous multi-frequency machine, BUT I suspect this is going to be a VERY good detector. Their Racer1/2 are outstanding detectors, runs circles around my F75 LTD2 in every aspect, with one exception, the F75 LTD in BP mode is a bit deeper, but at the old iron infested sites I generally detect, the unmasking capabilities of the Racers far outweigh the somewhat slightly deeper detecting capabilities. Of course the F75 platform is almost ten years old now and the Racers are new.

  • Please Nokta make it so you can use more than one frequency at a time because if you can it will make it a much better & sought after machine particularly on wet sand beaches & highly mineralised areas.

  • What do you mean with “+another new product”? Do you have any clue??

    Otherwise I would not call that a good information, not even a helpul teasing as it only makes people tired and they not follw the subject any more. Information or quiet please!

  • It’s a tough call for nokta ..each frequency would require 3 different coils the copper wire in the coil has to be a certain length to match the frequency used …it would need a automatic tuning unit of some kind to match the imbalance of copper wire length needed for each separate frequency if only 1 coil is used ..mmmmm could be to much work for nokta

  • 5anos esperando noticias como esta.

  • Bad quality search coils

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