New finds being sold at illegal MD auction

In Eastern Europe, there is a large virtual auction where treasure hunters sell their finds. There are times when the items are right out of the hole, with the dirt on them. Want to see what is being sold by hunters, and what the price is? Some finds are really amazing.

17th century hoard: $6,260




Polish coin hoard: $5,853


In sober fact, that’s not the whole hoard. There were also silver and gold thalers in it – they were sold separately. The total number of coins in the hoard was more than 5,000.

Hoard of medieval coins: $4,228



The hoard includes more than 3,500 coins.

Aureus of Aurelian: $3,964


Silver ruble: $3,778


This coin is from the hoard. The hunter boasts that he found 2 different hoards in one place. It’s amazing!

Gold ring: $2,153


Aureus of Diocletian: $2,010


The hunter tells that this gold coin was found at the site that had been heavily metal detected by other hobbyists. The find was discovered with the Mars Tiger coil. Together with this coin there were the following finds:


Hoard of the Crimean Khanate: $1,435


These are almost 2,000 coins of the Crimean Khanate. Next to this hoard, the second one was discovered – silver coins of Peter I, the Great.

Hoard of Peter the Great’s coins: $1,350


The hoard includes more than 1,800 coins.

More items discovered can always be found here. Happy hunting to everyone!

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