Minelab Equinox wireless headphones (+ photos &… video). NEW 2017

There have been some momentous events for Minelab. First, the inscription KOSS disappeared from the headphones which now have only ‘Minelab’ letters left. Second, Minelab’s new wireless headphones have become truly wireless, like those made by XP or Garrett. Here comes a new product 2017 – new Minelab headphones.

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

Minelab’s new wireless headphones have been initially designed for the Minelab Equinox series units. In future, they will work with other metal detectors as well – e.g., through an additional wireless adapter (with any other machine, not only Minelab’s one). But with reference to the Minelab Equinox detectors, these headphones will make connection without any supplements (modules, adaptors, etc.) – only the detector and headphones themselves.

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

A key feature of wireless headphones for metal detectors is an audio delay. Who wants headphones in which the signal sounds after 3 steps away from the real location of the find? According to the manufacturer, the new headphones have a lag of +40 milliseconds. When these ones are attached to a Minelab WM 08 wireless module, the delay is 15 milliseconds. These are really good values, thus the new headphones are definitely suitable for effective use. By way of example, usual wireless headphones which are connected via Bluetooth have a lag of 150-300 milliseconds.

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

These are the full size headphones – this means they fully enclose the user’s ears. Can be adjusted to fit any size head. Have a padded headband on a circular arc. There are built-in touch controls on the side of the earcup: On/Off, volume adjustment (‘+’/‘-’buttons).

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

Plus, the new headphones have a wired option as well. These ones come supplied with a regular cable that can be used to connect the headset and a metal detector. Also, the headphones come complete with a transport and storage case and have an additional mini USB charging cable and a new magnetic connector charger (the Minelab Equinox series devices are equipped with the new type connectors).

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

Minelab Equinox wireless headphones. NEW 2017

All new products 2017 introduced to the metal detecting world are collected here. If you need any info about wireless headphones for a metal detector (different ones), you can find it on the MD-Hunter blog. Happy hunting to everyone!


Minelab Equinox wireless headphones? NEW 2017? ))

7 Responses to Minelab Equinox wireless headphones (+ photos &… video). NEW 2017

  • I have been a long time Sovereign user.
    It took from the late 1990’s with my xs2apro, until now with my sovereign to find a machine that will fulfill my needs.
    The Equinox seems to be that machine.

  • Just a clarification. The new Minelab wireless headset is NOT manufactured by Minelab … Minelab has just added a sticker with its logo. This headset is made in China and the brand is Iselectror, especially the model BT80. This wireless headset bluetooth came out on the market a little more than two years ago I have this wireless headset for a few months and it works well with a Bluetooth transmitter Taotronics with Aptx LL (no delay). A Youtube video of this cheap wireless headset (less than $ 25 on ebay for example).

  • Just one final remark … I’ll be very surprised if Milelab sold this wireless headset for $ 25 or $ 50. We will pay the Minelab logo, it’s sure!
    I no longer believe in Santa Claus;)

  • NEW: Minelab Equinox wireless headphones

    Minelab Equinox wireless headphones

    OLD: Iselector BT80

    Iselector BT80

  • yup, chinese made head set, minelab will be making a few dollars selling them at a higher price!

  • Does anyone know if this is bs, or not???

    Or know what bt hp’s i could get to replace minelabs expensive ones for my equinox 600?

  • I got my MineLab Equinox 800 delivered yesterday and I am trying to pair the headphones with the detector directly without using the WM08 module. Is this possible?

    The user manual says “The WM 08 does not have a speaker so must be used with headphones. To use with the ML 80 Wireless Headphones, connect the auxiliary cable”.

    I can pair the WM08 module with the detector no problem, and if I use the auxiliary cable to connect the headphones to the WM08, I hear sound in the headphones.

    So why do I have to use the auxiliary cable if the detector is bluetooth enabled and the headphones also have bluetooth?

    Thanks in advance


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