Nokta Makro Racer 2. NEW 2016 (+price & video)

Makro has rolled out a new product 2016 – Makro Racer 2 metal detector. What is more, the device will go on sale right now. It is scheduled to be launched at the end of February 2016. See the photos of the new Makro Racer 2, plus its features and specifications.








Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 14 kHz
Audio Frequencies 100 Hz – 700 Hz adjustable
Search Modes 5 (All Metal / Two Tone / Three Tone / Beach / Deep)
Iron Audio Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Search Modes 5 (All Metal / Two Tone / Three Tone / Beach / Deep)
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Gain Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search Coil 28.5 cm x 18 cm (11″ x 7″) DD
Display Custom LCD
Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs.) including search coil and batteries
Length 120 cm – 140 cm (47″ – 55″) adjustable
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline Battery
Warranty 2 years

Makro Racer vs Makro Racer 2


The main difference between the Makro Racer 2 and simply the Makro Racer lies in: improved discrimination with Notch Filter feature (the scale can be ‘cut’ by notch windows), Iron Audio, iSAT feature (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold), and Deep search mode. And… it seems like the Makro Racer 2 has learned to remember the settings!

Makro Racer 2 PRO


These are two packages: the standard Makro Racer 2 and Makro Racer 2 PRO. The standard Racer 2 package includes a metal detector with an 11 DD coil, headphones and power supply (4 AA batteries). The Racer 2 PRO package is additionally supplied with the second sniper 5 DD coil (RC13), rechargeable batteries with a charger (220V / 12V), a carrying bag, and… the second lower shaft (extended rod). The latter surprised me.

Makro Racer 2 price – $749 (Std Package, Excl. VAT price)
Makro Racer 2 PRO price – $949 (Pro Package, Excl. VAT price)


All about the 2016 new Makro Racer 2 will be collected here. I am wondering, what is really new in this machine?

14 Responses to Nokta Makro Racer 2. NEW 2016 (+price & video)

  • Good job Makro! I like the overload siren

  • Added new video.- Makro Racer 2 test

  • I have the red Racer.Is it worth to update to the Racer 2?
    Is the Deep mode realy good?In a Video of Keith Southern it seams the Deep Mode dont add extra Depht over the red Racer

    Best Regards

    • This guy has made some very contradictory comments and is IMOP too favourable to machines he receives. Ignore it.

  • Quality detector ,very well explained, already have Makro red which is great but with all these new features i will be getting the Makro 2.

  • Does anyone know how to get in touch with a Turkish Makro retailer that goes under the name of Ilhaninci of Atasehir, Istanbul so one can make a purchase

  • Great video,can’t afford a Racer 2 yet but I’m about to get a Racer 1,if its nearly as good as the M/R 2 I will be more than Happy

  • ciao voglio comprare ono

  • they cant get the coils right, they still break down

  • i was going to buy the makco race2 pro pack age ,but i had watched a video that had 3 coils in it. but when i asked the dealer .the stock coil and 5 in coil is all that comes with it. concerned detectorist. i sold my deus so i could buy one of yours….

  • Very helpful, thanks so much.

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