Lanyard for pinpointer with no loop. 2 options

Garrett’s new pinpointers have a lanyard attachment loop on the housing. And an old Garrett PRO-Pointer doesn’t have this one. And a Minelab PRO-Find 25 doesn’t have it, too. Here are 2 options allowing lanyard attachments even if a pinpointer has no loop.


The first option: a metal ring is worn under the battery compartment cap – and the pinpointer already has a loop. The spring lanyards that are supplied with such a ring have already appeared for sale.



And if the first option is the one I have been aware of, the second option surprised me… Turns out, the Chinese are making the pinpointer’s battery compartment caps with a ready-made loop at once.


Made for different models, there are even the ones in color. You may add a colored cap fob to your pinpointer for contrast against dark soil background (so you won’t forget the device and won’t tread on it).


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  • I’m reading the “pinpointer’s battery compartment caps with a ready-made loop”, but I’m not finding where I can buy one for my Garrett Pro Pointer. Can you give me any leads as to where I can find this product? Thank You in advance for any help you might be able to provide.


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