If your Minelab Equinox can’t pair with wireless headphones

I wonder whether Garrett managed to make a million dollars selling headphones? And how about Minelab? If not, they won’t be able to get it done. Hobby enthusiasts have suddenly become smart enough and don’t want to pay MD manufacturers triple the price for their headphones any longer, even if those are waterproof and wireless. And what do MD manufacturers think about it? They are fine with it but don’t promise it will be easy.

If your Minelab Equinox can't pair with wireless headphones

The Minelab Equinox 600 and Minelab Equinox 800 metal detectors can be connected with wireless headphones from other manufacturers – those ones should only have a Bluetooth 4+ apt x low latency technology. You can read how it works here. There you can also find an example of the headphones, a complete copy of those being sold as the original from Minelab.

You can connect your wireless headphones in a standard way, as described in the detector’s manual. But what to do if your headset has the apt x but nevertheless the Minelab Equinox can’t pair with it? Reset your detector to the factory settings and connect the wireless headphones.

If your Minelab Equinox can't pair with wireless headphones

Stop paying MD manufacturers triple the price just because of the fact you are too lazy to find the headphones at a normal price. At least in case with the Minelab Equinox. All content related to wireless headphones for metal detectors is collected here. There you can find lots of information, including different options. All about the detector repair and improvements is here. Happy hunting to everyone!

4 Responses to If your Minelab Equinox can’t pair with wireless headphones

  • My Sr 71 headphones will not sync with my equinox 600

  • Hi there
    I have the same issue as got others.
    My headphones won’t connect with equinox 800.
    I tried to look on a different websites forum a try to solve problems by step by step.
    Like reset MD, reset headphones, try to turn md first before headphones, try to do it opposite ways.
    After I tried pair headphones straight after FP, too.
    I try second headphones i have at home and it won’t pair either.
    Both headphones works on mobile phone and TV. The pairing is really fast there.
    I tried many different ways and it not work.
    Do you think guys if ( is possible?) I connect to the pc and minelab Web site to solve the problem like that?
    I fergot to say
    Only one way how it works it is pairin wm 08 and from wm08 using the cable to the headphones.
    Thanks for advice.

  • I used a trick found ont the internet. For me it was enough to just connect the charging cable for one second and then it would reconnect again:

    I wound up using another tip that I read somewhere; it said to ‘shock’ the earbuds by plugging them into high quality chargers (I used what came with the Equinox). That is what I did and when the earbuds were fully charged, they paired and worked just fine. The same with the wireless headphones. Go figure…

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