Hello, a Turkish-made multi frequency machine! NEW 2019

Turkish manufacturer Nokta-Makro have made a very loud announcement – they are ready to launch a multiple frequency unit (operating at several frequencies simultaneously). The fact that the manufacturer has been working on this was actually known before. However, after the last year’s (2017) new Minelab Equinox 600 and Minelab Equinox 800 were released, the multi frequency detectors issue has unexpectedly turned into a hot topic and now becomes a priority. By the way, do you want to get a Turkish multi frequency device for free? Create a name for it, and the manufacturer will give away their new product to you.

What do we know today about the new Turkish-made machine? The info about the novelty was announced at Detectival 2018, the UK metal detecting rally. Dilek, the company’s official representative, demonstrated a unit with a housing similar to that of the SimplEX, which was equipped with a search coil identical to the one of the Nokta Anfibio Multi.

According to the manufacturer, it will be a multi frequency device capable to operate at several frequencies at the same time. The way like the Minelab Equinox detectors do. Plus, the new machine from Nokta-Makro will be submersible up to 5 meters.

In fact, you might see some discrepancy in Dilek’s different statements. So, in spring 2018, on being asked when Nokta & Makro would release the amphibious metal detectors that could search both on land and underwater, Dilek answered that they were going to launch a fully-featured underwater machine before they made the amphibious units. As we can see today, the priorities have changed. Without any doubt, it is the Minelab Equinox’s appearance that did their bit.

The new Turkish machine is waiting for its name from detectorists. The manufacturer has arranged an open ‘to invent a name for a new machine’ contest, in which anyone can participate. The winner will be awarded a prize – the new metal detector (bearing the name that he created).

In addition, the manufacturer is accepting the online forms from customers with enumeration of features they would like to have in their new machine. For example, to what extent a flashlight is necessary while searching. Or, what range the Iron Audio feature should have. This isn’t a new approach, in actual fact. The metal detecting world has already seen all of this, in isolation from one another. For instance, Deteknix arranged an invent-the-name competition where the detector itself was a gift. Minelab organized customer polling kinda ‘how in your opinion our new detector should look like’. But all of that was on a standalone basis. Makro-Nokta gathered all those things together, plus added a considerable number of independent testers around the world. They say more than 100 people tested the Nokta Impact detector and, truth be told, the latter turned out to be a rather interesting and, above all, operational machine.

So… The new product from Makro & Nokta is already at the door. Launch schedule: spring 2019. Let’s hurry up to create the name for this machine so that we can properly call it while writing the posts.

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  • How do we enter name for the new metal detector? I have something in mind but no clue as to where to send it. Also have some ideas for the operating system.

  • How do I get on a list to get the SMF detector

  • The biggest issues I have with the Equinox 600 and 800 are the coin on edge and stacked coin issues. Even the new update to fix the issues is not helping everyone’s machine work correctly. Some people are still reporting they get Iron tone ID readings for large silver rigs and coins on edge or stacked on top of each other. The Anfibio has a lot of depth, so I would buy a Turkish made simultaneous frequency machine over the Minelab as long as it got the same depth or better than the Anfibio and did not have the problems the Minelab Equinox series has had.

  • How can I pre order the new SMF detector

  • I think the new machine should be called the makro devinio…a devine machine capable of all terrain capabilities with wireless technology. Multi frequency detecting at its best.

  • nearly a year scine they said it no sgin of any thing

  • I’m waiting for this new makro any sine of it coming soon coz if not I’ll buy a minelab nox

  • Yep still no sign of anything yet. I would hope we hear something soon since it was scheduled for release in spring 2019. I hope to see a 4 frequency unit, 5,10,14,25. Would be nice.

    • IMHO, being this far behind schedule (it’s late March 2020 and they were supposed to have a new model in 2019 if I understand correctly) is not a good sign. They probably encountered either some technical glitch and weren’t able to get it to work properly or some patent legal glitch that hit too close to home with Minelab Equinox 600/800. I was tempted to buy the Anfibio because of its depth and superior build quality to the Equinox’s flimsy shaft and other problems, but I have not bought the Anfibio because I was waiting to hear about this new simultaneously multifrequency. I think Dilek needs to provide some clarity and an update to potential customers to let us know where (or where not) things are heading. It’s a shame to keep potential customers hanging in suspense and not delivering on promised release date — I am really interested, but the longer this goes on, people are going to get cold feet, especially assuming a worldwide recession due to COVID-19.

  • It’s a Turkish company as far as where it’s HQ is and that’s where R&D is but are you sure there is actually a facility in Turkey that has employees that grind away actually making these things? Or are these things made in CHINA?

    • Made in Turkey.If it was made in China it would have to be declared on the product.

    • One of their videos shows their manufacturing facility or a bit of it. They’re definitely made in Turkey, and they make solid products.

  • Enough with the “TURKISH MADE” nonsense. NOKTA / MAKRO are made in CHINA ??

    • Cool. What is your evidence?

    • No they are not made in China. Dont listen to every idiot on the internet. If they were made in China they would have to say “Made in China” on it or it wouldnt be allowed to be imported.

  • I have an anfibio multi, very bad device. There is almost no sound at + 5’C. The screen backlight on one side disappeared. The battery is not glued, the cord has moved and the cord has broken (stopped). The coil showed overload, I bought a new one. After a gentle one month of use again the same problem. Very low quality detector.

  • Over 5 months since my last comment and still no communications from Dilek at Nokta/Makro… crickets chirping. I sure wish they/she would break the silence, because a lot of people like myself might be truly interested. They shouldn’t be issuing these kinds of statements – they didn’t make it happen in spring 2019, and they likely are not going to make it happen in spring 2019, either.

    Just to be totally transparent, I am not a Minelab Equinox fanboy coming here to discourage interest in a simultaneous frequency Nokta/Makro product — in fact, I want to look at Nox alternatives because I’ve heard of build quality issues with the Nox and other depth/detection problems, so I hope other simultaneous multifrequency machines will be on the market. I’m aware of the new Garrett Apex, but I know nothing of its depth capability and am not sure whether the Ace platform will be too “basic”.

  • 2020 July
    Nokta Makro is almost ready to release its kids mini and midi !! SMF is Almost ready to come online as-well !! Spoke to Dilek twice this month
    Covid 19 has slowed everything down
    Stay excited it’s coming !! TD

  • So we are still no further forward on this yet then I assume?

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