Is Deteknix Scuba Tector unable to detect gold? Test

Are you ready to lose your $150? After launching an underwater mini Deteknix Scuba Tector, the manufacturer has got a chance to make hobby enthusiasts come down with money again. For instance, I personally wanted to buy this machine and was waiting for tests on gold targets… Now I can see the result of such test. It’s a good thing that I failed to spend $150.

All about an underwater mini Deteknix Scuba Tector is collected here. The general section related to Deteknix is here.

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  • Seems that the tests are not correct, they for sure are using the sensibility 1 (the lower). If you check the 2nd video the guy change made the same test in Sens 1 and didnt detect, then change the sens for level 2 and 3 and it start detecting well. SO this guys forgot to change the sensibility. I have a Scuba Tector and madethe sabe test with gold and it detects perfectly.

  • Hi Alex,

    100% correct. Smaller 9ct, 14ct or 18ct rings won’t be picked up by the Scuba Tector unless the sensitivity is stronger i.e. sensitivity 2,3,4. This article will be the brunt of potential legal action. If addition that Deteknix have simply changed their name to Quest Metal detectors as a re-branding strategy in light of the bad press of the court case in my opinion,

    The truth of the matter is that First Texas and Deteknix settled amicably as the legal fees were simply not worth the fight from my understanding.

    The Scuba Tector is a fabulous machine and personally I have found €1600 worth of gold and platinum rings in Durban, South Africa

    I suggest that MD-Hunter needs to get their facts straight before publishing these articles.


    • You are correct…
      This is a fake article.
      Scuba Tector has no issues detecting gold.
      I have one and just double checked after reading that article :)

      Where are you finding your gold in Durban ? I’m in Thailand and haven’t found substantial amounts yet !! Lots of 1,5 & 10 baht coins though…

    • Correct. I have one and on my second time out found a 7.5 gram 18ct ring on sensitivity 3.

  • The settlement was agreed – it was far from Amicable – Deteknics lost their trade mark, the right to sell the detector – am\nd probably a bunch of cash – they surrenderd – First Texas got everything that they wanted – and which they had a right to. Had it gone to court Deteknics wouldn no doubt suffered substantial additional punitive damages.

  • Qual o tempo de dura??o da bateria ?!

  • My Scuba Tector stopped working a couple of months ago was sent back and still not even a reply from the agent or them.

  • I bought one today, just tried it on a .2g nugget, it will not pick it up, but does pick up the chip in my cat. Totally useless for what I want to use it for

  • Very disappointed; just received my Scubatector from Quest and had to return it. Even after fulling recharging the unit, when turned On, would just stay in the noisy, flashing full alert mode, and I was unable to switch out of it to any working setting. Will reorder one and hope the next one works properly.

    • I just received my scubatector and it is not operating correctly. I am trying to contact them. We shall see.

    • I had to send mine back too, wih the same issue. mr. Jason was very efficient and I got a new one back in no time. this one works fine. just a petty they dont have a disc,

    • Yes mine did the same the moment it entered the water, red flashing light wouldn’t stop But when turned upside down for a few seconds it did stop and went into detecting mode. The f***ing Chinese/English translation instruction leaflet is just confusing crap! I ended up going on YouTube to find an English guy demonstrating the operating procedures very simply.

      Frankly I don’t understand why anyone would want such a complicated PI detector with x4 levels of sensitivity. I want max sensitivity at ALL times! Plus the buttons on mine need real force to work-what’s that all about? Finally two dive modes, one for snorkelling depth & another for diving-WHY???

      It’s a real shame because its a nice handling piece of kit spoilt by over design!

  • Great device. My finds this summer are on vacation.

  • Hi folks i decided to buy this as a traveling companion.
    it works great on some beaches but in pacific ocean black sand it will just go nuts.Retuning seems to help fo a few secodns then crazy beeps just come back. In water it has same issue but less/ in wet black sand it will beep everytime comes close. Is ther a better way to ground balance this little guy.
    advice please..

  • Hello this happen directly yesterday evening. Scuba Tector went on fire inside the box. The detector was turn off. Probably the lithium battery is dangerous item.

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