White’s Xventure metal detector for kids. NEW 2016

White’s has released a new metal detector 2016 — White’s Xventure… No screen, 5 discrimination segments indicated by the icons. Only one setting: sensitivity. The machine for kids.

Three control buttons: a power switch, sensitivity adjustment, pinpoint mode. 5 discrimination segments. 1 segment for iron. Comes with an 8” waterproof Mono coil. And nothing more at all (of what the ground search machines usually have).

The cheapest S-shaped demountable shaft consisting of 2 parts. The length is adjusted by fixed values (not smoothly, like in the Minelab Go-Find). There is one locking collar. A usual armrest with a fixing strap.

That is what White’s Xventure, a metal detector for kids, is. The price: $120. All about the White’s Xventure metal detector (if it comes into being, of course) will be collected here and on Knowledgebase pages.

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  • Everybody has tried to guess who will be the first – Fisher or Minelab… But White’s suddenly come as a surprise. So for the time being, a plan for the Fall 2016 New Product Launches is almost obvious. White’s are the 1st, Minelab-Fisher will follow them being the 2nd and 3d, Nokta Impact will be the 4th, and XP Deus 4.0 will take the 5th place. If there aren’t any other surprises, of course.

  • They are hard on customer and on our pocket lol…

  • Look like a kids detector … Like the gofind. Reason I think that. Look like a kid in the photo

  • Makro racer are the 1st only makro racer machine can help you to catch all of the targets

  • i hope nokta is gonna transform their impact or maybe add an option to use all freq range multifreq like the excal.

  • a revamped version of an old machine, just condensed for kids…you watch.;-)

  • These manufacturers have got to stop playing around with Kids Toys. We need more innovative products. The go-find series is a Joke. I do like the foldability of the unit (neat idea) but these are kids toys. Where is the new stuff? Start giving us Pulse with better discrimination. How about the ability to distinguish Gold from Aluminum. Come on guys give us something will ya.

  • Interesting comment about V4 thanks !!!

  • Back in 2011 I emailed Steve Howard from whites. And I asked him if there was, a possibility to make a new Whites PI 3000. With a big L.E.D. strob lights. Red for iron , yellow for gold , white for silver and so on. And he said probly not . Becsuse he said something , Along the line of it would be to hard for a machine, to really tell the difference between gold and iron accurately. But I see some machines, On the market that can truly show the difference between the metals in the ground.

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