Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

The owners of fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT complained that… they hadn’t been about to buy a counterfeit Garrett product – it was sold as authentic, maybe a little bit cheaper. So be careful – fake Garrett devices are mainly not personally handed from a seller to a customer but are pushed when it’s a purchase with a delivery option. And it’s impossible, much less just by looking at a picture, to distinguish at once between the fake and original unit. Everything looks similar, the counterfeit probe has even better package appearance. Well, you should know this Chinese approach… And it’s just the minute details because of which you can discern the difference. Half of all fake pinpointers don’t work at all, and even those that are operational fall far short of the authentic product. Moreover, all of them can’t be submerged in water as they leak right on the first submersion (the original is waterproof). Here are the pics (+ what’s inside the fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT):

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

All about the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is collected here (news, tests, comparisons with other devices, different reviews and opinions). Plus, on Knowledgebase pages there is additional information you should know before buying the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. The experience of others will help you save your time and money. Happy hunting to everyone!

12 Responses to Fake Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. Careful, it doesn’t work!

  • Yeah, I got one that was fake.If it costs a lot less, don’t buy it.

  • Ronald, how did it work? If it works and its not waterproof is it on par with the old ‘black’ pinpointer? If it works and it was cheaper and you know it isn’t an original and purchased it knowing it wasn’t real, why arn’t you happy with your purchase? Was it defective in some other way?

    I’m happy using a Cen-Tech pin-pointer, it works, it was cheap, I know its limits (not to be used in the Australian summer or in water….) and I don’t use it as a digging tool. I see a lot of videos where people use their pin-pointers as a digging tool trying to scrape away hard packed soil and then they complain that their device isn’t working….

    Aside from the colour not being right, do the fakes all have the exact same serial number? This was a thing in the past with the fakes using just a handful of numbers, easy to spot if you knew the numbers to look for. I have seen the fakes in a local Brisbane market a year or so back, highly discounted and they all worked but not as well as the original item.

    • It barley worked, you couldn’t pull the board out, it was wired into into the housing. Box and Pin-Pointer also looked like a Garrett.

  • But the one in the picture is original.

  • So what is what in those pics?

  • Which is the fake?

  • Which one is the fake??

  • which is the fake?

  • Please tell us which one is the fake.

    • The one where the detector tip is attached to the board, as there’s more info on it about the + and – settings for the other model of the Garrett pointer, will asume ots same build quality.

      However I have also heard ithe carrot can interfere with some gpx detectors, even when switched off. Aparently minelab have added a chip to stop it generating a magnetic feild after its turned off on the 35 models.

      Sincerely hoping this has also been added to the carrot! Might sell a hell of a lot more to minelab users, if they can use it, and not have to leave it in the car!

  • I bought on eBay what was advertised as a new and genuine Garrett at pro pointer. Was only 65 dollars about half what you might expect to pay. I got a Chinese fake. I know this because I called Garrett and told them the serial number and they told me it’s fake and a real problem for them. So the eBay seller has been known kicked off eBay (for now) and Pay Pal refunded my money and I keep the fake. So you might want to know how is the fake compared to the original. I also have an original so I see and test side by side. First they look outward exactly the same but the fake although workers you cannot change the sensitivity or mode. It only works with vibration and sound on at all times. Sensitivity is equivalent to original on setting one or two at best so it’s not as good but….. it’s serviceable. It is missing the rubber o ring inside the end cap so I think it will leak if submerged but it’s good enough for use in rain. LED light is a bit dimmer then original but seems to work ok. I’ve used it now for one week with no problems but you never know….. the Chinese fake has no warranty while the original has a 2 year from Garrett. Overall value ? Well it’s a 65 dollar unit I got for free so I’m happy with that but….. I hate the fact that Chinese pull shit like this so I would NEVER knowingly buy one just out of principle. But what if it was marketed as a generic brand for the same 65 dollars? I would consider it if it came with at least a one year warranty because as you know, fake Chinese crap might not last long enough to even need the first battery change.

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