Deteknix Quest PRO all around. Photo review

Does the Deteknix Quest PRO have a future? Let’s consider this metal detector in detail. By the way, the photo review is made by the hunter who scolded and beat this machine.

































The video showing how the Deteknix Quest PRO is being scolded and beaten is here. All about the metal detector is here.

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  • And where is this metal detector’s support? There is usually a support underneath the armrest for the detector not to slip to one side. Or the Deteknix Quest PRO doesn’t need it?

    And the armrest itself raises some doubts. Will it be able to hold the arm firmly? Won’t it break down at first hunts? Time and practice will show.

  • Some have already been tested in the uk, with poor results, A wide berth from me im afraid.

  • upd1

    There is a very strange spot at the center of the screen. At first I thought it was a screen protector mark. But… the spot is present on video tests as well. Is it a screen defect? Can it be true that the manufacturer gave MDG a defective metal detector for the test?

    • I would be weary if I seen a WET spot on a meter. Looks like moisture made it’s way inside.

    • looks like they dont have a separator in their films…so will be pressure sensitive…would want to take it in the water

  • two things stood out with this review .on MDG website he states ,and well before test ,dont buy any cheaper chinese alternative machine ,they are all junk . so we get inside mikes mindset . secondly it was a free machine that he opened up ,null and void test in my eyes

  • Field testors also are there to find any problems or areas that need improvement to be incorporated in the next version, Unfortunately field testors don’t report all the problems etc. encountered to the general public during the testing stages. Usually by the time production units are made, all issues have been ironed out. Then again some not…AT Pro………which are then corrected to customers units as problems crop up…… Not many are happy about that.

    Let’s give a thumbs up to a foreign company’s first attempt at bring a product into the metal detecting hobby. Especially into a county where there’s somewhat a dislike for a certain countries products. Not to mention there was the same attitude about machines made outside the US, made in Europe for the longest time. You will now find many of the naysayers being hypocritical and using those same detectors made overseas and find they like them better than many US products……..I moved from the US after living there for 50 years to Canada, I find there’s a more of an openness and wiliness to try to foreign made products………………….

  • I have been using the Quest Pro first version MK1 now and find it very enjoyable to use.
    Works as well or better performance depth as many other detector I have used for my hunting style, type of hunting, targets coins and jewelry I am after.

    The initial factory preset programs 3 out of 5 were set by the factory too hot and is easily reset by the user to make a more stable, usable detector. If you accidentally turned the detector to one of the presets, without knowing how hot they were set at, the detector could appear to go bonkers and appear to be malfunctioning.

    The current Quest Pro MK1 is being replaced by the MKII shortly. It will be more ergonomic, with a better angled control box, button placement, 3 piece straight shaft, making it more compact. Some software tweaks as well. These were all improvements suggested by the field testers.

  • Looks like a great detector.
    The Chinese can teach the Yanks how to make a fantastic machine what with all that crap involving Whites MX Sport.

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