Deteknix Quest PRO. A very strange video

A new video appeared showing the Deteknix Quest PRO. The metal detector is being scolded, and even… beaten. A very strange video!

Maybe the hunter didn’t have a good look at settings? Or is it interference? All about the Deteknix Quest PRO metal detector is collected here.

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  • MDG: I found a hidden menu on the Deteknix Quest pro by holding down the Auto Ground Balance (which does not work) and press the up or down arrow key. Upon doing so I was able to stabilize this machine a little bit. Looks like it might be a software issue which I will proabably be blamed for breaking.

  • That is pretty pathetic,,shft bends just from the weight of the coil.
    Reminds me of the Chinese knock offs of the Fisher detectors a couple of years ago

    • This is Jason from Deteknix

      MDG opened it at the first time he received it and broke one cable inside. Look at the screen edge which is cut by blade. I do have message pictures from him to show that.
      The shaft is not that flexible while swing. We also use square tube for stable swing. Why many brands use round tube because it is cheap.
      The ground balance is for all metal mode which is a basic knowledge. Obviously MDG don’t know and not willing to listen.
      The modes is not hidden menu. It is written in manual book.
      The detector is waterproof, Li battery, wireless headphone with 649USD MSRP price.
      We will have more videos for the real performance.

      • The lower shaft will not bend IF it is strengthened by glass fiber or
        carbon fiber. I don’t believe that Deteknix shaft has any.
        Just a piece of cheap chinese plastic – flexibility added.

      • hi jason,good luck with the mk2, if you had the control box that could swivel 45degrees left or right and the screen turned which ever way like a phone,the detector wouldnt topple over and great for leftys and rightys.i hooe ive helped..HH

  • There is no flexing or bending of the lower shaft on my Quest Pro.

    The pre-set factory programs menu is not hidden and fully described in the manual as Jason mentioned. Unfortunately, the manual is being rewritten as how to access the program menu was left out of the original manual.

    3 out of the 5 pre-set programs were set way to hot making for a very unstable detector. Not a big deal as you can re-adjust all the parameter controls to your liking. The nice thing about the Quest it retains in memory all the settings you have adjusted. You can operate this detector as a turn on and go machine unless you need to make a ground balance adjustment.

    I am finding the Quest a fun detector to use. I like it.
    Build quality is excellent, it doesn’t look like a cheap build as some have suggested or you might expect to see from some China made products.

    Field testers of the initial units shipped out have made a number of suggestions regarding what improvements and or changes should be made to make a much better detector. Jason has implemented those suggestions into an new version of the Quest Pro MKII being manufactured for sale to the general public consumer. To be released shortly.

    The MK1 models was an excellent first attempt producing a consumer detector.

  • I always read the instructions,as not doing so,leads to the workman blaming his tools.if you buy a detector that is faulty,phone the manufacturer first,before throwing your toys out of the pram! also putting customers off from buying.the quest works great in uk.Before you mention bias,all my mds come from first texas products! .

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